Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Suddenly, i want to write something about marriage. I don't think it is a problem even though i'm only 22. Before I start, it is better for us to know, the meaning of marriage in view of Islam.

Perkahwinan ialah ijab dan qabul (‘aqad) yang menghalalkan persetubuhan antara lelaki dan perempuan yang diucapkan oleh kata-kata yang menunjukkan nikah, menurut peraturan yang ditentukan oleh Islam

So, that's the meaning of marriage. Why I want to write about this matter by the way? Someone propose me. Is it true??? It is hard to say, but maybe it is true. hahahaha..

As a human being it is something natural to get married. But the question is, are we ready for that.??And can we give a full commitment into this matter.?I know, some of us get married because they have fall in love with someone, and that's why they want to get married.

But, in my point of view, love is insufficient for someone to make a decision to get married. Marriage is the thing that we must think deeply, especially for us, women..We cannot just think like,today we make a decision, than tomorrow we get married. It can't be like that.

I ever had a conversation with my cousin, during her sister's weeding. She had said something that i will think deeply about marriage. Ans she is a year younger than me.

"Kita ni perempuan kalau nak kawen kena pikir betul-betul. Sebabnya, sebelum kawen orang akan panggil kita anak dara, bila dah kawen status tuh terus tukar kepada isteri orang. Kalau kita bercerai, kita tak dapat dah status anak dara tuh, tapi kita akan dapat status janda tak pun kalau laki kita meninggal, kita akan dipanggil balu."

Okay, it is not actually about status only, but many things. We get married not just for one day, all of us want to get married and be together for the rest of their life. So, it is really important to be fully confident, before we make any decision on getting married. Islam also teach us how to find a good wife and husband.

So, I hope things will clear with my explanation. I know, someone maybe will read this entry, and i'm sorry if he not comfortable with my explanation. Jodoh itu ditangan Allah, and suatu hari kita pasti akan ditemukan dengan jodoh kita. Yakinlah dengan janji Allah itu.


p/s: friends, tomorrow is my first paper. Wish me luck!!!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final exam semester 7


"Ya Allah, permudahkanlah setiap urusanku dan perkenankanlah segala doaku"

Saya akan menempuh final exam pada

23/10 - Power System 2
1/11 - Power Utilization
7/11 - Business Management
10/11 - Power Electronic

Semoga segalanya dipermudahkan. Friends, wish me luck. I really need to perform well in this final exam...


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuhan bayar tunai


Sedih betul hari ni...Malas nak tulis panjang2..Tengok ja gambar kat bawah

Result Test 1 Power U

Result test 2 power u

Inilah hasil daripada orang yang xstudy betol2. You deserve it!!! I have to struggle for my final.!!


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Monday, October 18, 2010

Semoga jalan yang aku pilih ini, jalan yang kau redhai.


Dah pukul 1 pagi, tapi rasa macam nak menulis.Tiba-tiba rasa nak ubah 'sesuatu' dalam blog ni. Ya, perubahan tu amat penting dalam hidup kita sebagai manusia dan juga sebagai hamba Allah di muka bumi ini. Kadang2 perubahan tuh kecik, tapi tetap jugak perubahan. semoga perubahan yang cuba kita lakukan itu adalah perubahan ke arah kebaikan. Panjang pulak tulis...Sebenarnya nak tukar kata ganti diri 'aku' kepada 'saya'. Since my blog is also using 'saya' sebagai kata ganti diri..


Pernah tak kamu semua terpikir sesuatu yang macam ni :

"Betul ka apa yang aku pilih ni?"

Saya tau, mesti ramai yang pernah terpikirkan hal tersebut. Begitulah juga dengan diri ni sendiri. Setelah 7 semester bergelar pelajar kejuruteraan elektrik, tiba-tiba terpikir "eh!betul ka apa yang aku amik ni??" Bila terpikir ja macam tuh, terus rasa takut, sebabnya takut apa yang selama ni kita kejarkan, bukanlah sebenarnya apa yang kita nak.

Saya sendiri tak pasti dengan apa yang saya nak. Time sekolah dulu, tak pernah langsung terpikir suatu hari akan belajar engineering. Tapi itulah yang telah saya lakukan selama 3 tahun setangah saya disini. Dan saya rasa cukup bertuah kerana selama 7 sem disini, saya berjaya mendapat anugerah dekan pada setiap semester.

Tapi itu bukanlah kayu pengukur sama ada saya betul2 telah memilih jalan yang betul. Tapi bila saya pikirkan balik, saya ingat lagi, sebelum saya apply untuk program engineering, saya dah buat solat istikharah, dan saya percaya Allah sentiasa menyediakan yang terbaik untuk hambanya. Saya percaya!!

So, now i believe that i'm in the right path. Maybe the stressful environment forced me to think in a such way.

"Ya Allah, semoga jalan yang aku pilih ini adalah jalan yang kau redhai di dunia dan akhirat. Semoga ianya membawa kebaikan kepadaku dan juga orang lain."


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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Which one is more important?


Taraaaaa!!!!Layout baru and tajuk blog baru..Tak tahu apa maksud Quotidian, then google it. Lawa tak???Tak?Ok xpa..xkisah pun..hehehehe...

Hari ni kat fac ada program finishing school. Actually this program is for semester 8 students, but as semester 7 students me with my friends are allowed to join. It quiet a good program. We have been exposed about planning after graduation, how to apply the job, how to write a good resume and how to attend an interview. And the best part, this Tuesday, they will be like 7 company will do the walk in interview. So, this program has teach me a lot on how to ready to go for an interview.


Sebenarnya bukan la nak cerita sangat pasal program tuh. Sebenarnya nak meluahkan perasaan. Tak tau la nak cakap macam mana, dah macam-macam perasaan muncul, and it really interrupt me. Tak lama lagi dah nak final exam, 28 start. Then it will end on 12. Then holiday, but i have to come back to shah alam, for one program. And the program start on 22 of november and will end on 17 of December. Then holiday, and 3rd January, here we come semester 8.

As an engineering student, of course we all have final year project. And the fyp2 will be continue on semester 8, but how my progress???Nothing! Yes!Definitely!Totally zero!!!! That really get me stress, i don't even have a time. Now i have to study for my final, and at the same time i learn by myself how to use Matlab.

Matlab is one of the software that i use in my FYP. I ever used it before, but it was a basic. really basic. But my project? Totally different. I don't know how to use it. To ask supervisor, i don't know. My supervisor never showed any interest to help. But i'll try to ask. Definitely.!!It is a must! If not, i think i'll extend my semester. That's really not gonna happen to me. I hope so.

So, for those who read my entry today, if you are expert in Matlab, can you teach me??I really appreciate your help. I forgot to mentioned my Fyp title.

Power Quality Disturbances Based on Energy Different of Multireolution Analysis Method.

It is long rite???But it actually to detect, localize and classify the type of the power quality disturbance. So i really have to know how to use this Matlab especially on how to use the wavelet toolbox. I have read the instruction in the Help section, it helps me, but to be more understand, i have to get a teacher.

I really need a teacher...


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

How should i describe?


As i mentioned before today i had a test, power electronic test. When i start to think again about the test, i just want to cry. It was really disappointed me. I have made many,many, and many mistakes. I feel really down right now. I don't know how my result gonna be. I really feel down, when one of my friend, said that i have used a wrong formula right after the test. Ok, i know that you are right, and you don't need to tell me that i'm wrong and show me how to use the right formula, because i'm not as clever as you are. I just want to cry right now...


2 more weeks is my final exam for this semester. i don't know i'm ready for it or not. i just keep thinking about the test and i know, that's not good for me. but, that's me. that's my weakness. once i made a mistakes in my test or exam, i keep think of it over and over again. it is a really bad attitude.

what i want to do now, just focusing on my final exam. this is my final year here, and i really hope i can perform as best as i can. i really hope that one day, to achieve the ANC award is not just a dream but a reality. it is a 'big' dream that everybody in UiTM wants.. I really hope i'm the one among the others.


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't staying up if..


Just 1 more week before the study week..time just passed very fast..and i'll end my semester 7 in a couple of month and then welcome to part 8..for sure it will be harder..My final test for this semester will be on 16 of October which is on study week, and the quiz will also in study week.


Being here in shah alam for 7 semester had gives me many experiences, and of course staying up was a regular activities for us as a student. But something came up in my mind, sometimes staying up is useless. Why???


1. I dont't think it is a good idea to staying up if you can't get up in the morning to perform a subuh prayer. I know many of us, will accidentally skip the subuh prayer because of the over sleep. I'm not saying that i never accidentally skipped the subuh prayer, but i always make sure that i'll get up in the morning to perform the prayer.

2. Don't staying up if you can't stay up. Not everybody can stay up, sometimes, they only can stand until 12.00 am and then they go to sleep. so, don't waste your time and energy, if you can't stay up.

3. They're no use of staying up if the next morning you feel sleepy or sleep during a class session. That's very useless, because you will not gain any input in the class. And for sure there'll be some of use skip the class because over sleep.

So, think it again. Is it worth to staying up if you do this 3 things?? For my opinion, it is not worth at all. Just find the best way to staying up. During my matriculation, one of my friends have a different way to staying up. He will go to sleep after the isyak prayer and will get up at 12 am and study until the subuh prayer. That's the way he staying up, different people have a different way. Just choose what suitable for you and make sure it is worth for you to staying up.


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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Today is the day. All questions have been answered. And today, you had said something that makes me think "i just can't believe that he's finally saying that word". I don't know how should i feel. Sad, happy or maybe confuse. But the reality, decision have been made. both of us had agreed with the decision. i think so. you had made a promise, so do i. hope we will stick with the promise. and hopefully one day, we will meet again. i really hope for that.

until we meet again my dear,

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Test 2


Sorry guys for the late update. I was busy during this whole week. Test, test and another test. Luckily the test is now over, but for this week la..There still left one more test which on 16 of October. The MGT project has complete, just one more project left which is Japanese movie. This Monday is the submission date. Insyallah the project will be finished before that day.

From the three test i took, i think only two i can answered it confidently. Power utilization test was very tricky question, oh! i don't know what the result gonna be. I just hope that i pass. Power System is quite easy, i only take 30 minutes to answered it . Don't think that i'm so clever la..our lecturer have given us the hint. luckily the hint came out, so there is no problem at all to answer the test.MGT also not very easy,but luckily what i read came out. So, i think that i'm very lucky..hahahha..


Today, after the MGT test, when i was waiting for the lift, i have seen the poster about the Intel job interview. It is a really great opportunity for those who want to make careers with this big company. So, i think i want to join it, but then when i read the whole poster, it says that they want a electrical, electronic and computer engineering with CGPA 3.0 and above.I was really disappointed, because i'm a power engineering student.

But then when i came home, i decided to email my lecturer that involved with the interview. I just ask her either a power engineering student can apply or not. There is no reply yet, but i'll wait. Just hope for the best. But yet i still feel nervous..hahahahha..


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Monday, October 4, 2010

Food poisoning?


Yes, the title has explained everything. I have suffered from food poisoning. It was really painful, and until now i don't know what kind of food i ate that caused me for food poisoning. for 2 consecutive days i had diarrhea. Everything i ate, will come out. I don't even see a doctor because i know, doctor will give me air garam. and i know,i will never drink that air garam, because the taste just makes me want to vomit out. I've ate the pil chikiteaun and it just work for a couple of hours. My mom said, drink the 100 plus, i've also done it, but it still doesn't works. But after 2 days having a bad day, today i feel much better from the previous day.hopefully i'll get better soon.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random II


It was very busy during the day. Do all the revision, because there are so many test waiting for me and my house mates next week . Of course the atmosphere become so different when everybody is focusing in their study. No more laughter or any jokes, just the book that accompany everyone. But it all changes during the night. Study all the day was very stressful, and that bring us to go for some non-professional-shooting. We planned to shoot at the playground at first, but then it was raining. But it doesn't ruin our plan. We just shoot everywhere that we think, "why don't we shoot here?", i'm not professional, but please enjoy the pictures.

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Friday, October 1, 2010



Last thursday, me and my friends attended a dinner organized by our faculty. It was held at S&T and it was a boring event and messy. The organizer didn't manage the dinner very well, i think so. Just forget about it. After the dinner we decided to take some pictures and i have borrowed my twin's camera. Okay, before you all critics my picture, it's better for me to remind you all, i'm not very good in taking photo, but i really want to learn it. I hope one day i can have my own DSLR. So, just enjoy the pictures.

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