Saturday, October 16, 2010

How should i describe?


As i mentioned before today i had a test, power electronic test. When i start to think again about the test, i just want to cry. It was really disappointed me. I have made many,many, and many mistakes. I feel really down right now. I don't know how my result gonna be. I really feel down, when one of my friend, said that i have used a wrong formula right after the test. Ok, i know that you are right, and you don't need to tell me that i'm wrong and show me how to use the right formula, because i'm not as clever as you are. I just want to cry right now...


2 more weeks is my final exam for this semester. i don't know i'm ready for it or not. i just keep thinking about the test and i know, that's not good for me. but, that's me. that's my weakness. once i made a mistakes in my test or exam, i keep think of it over and over again. it is a really bad attitude.

what i want to do now, just focusing on my final exam. this is my final year here, and i really hope i can perform as best as i can. i really hope that one day, to achieve the ANC award is not just a dream but a reality. it is a 'big' dream that everybody in UiTM wants.. I really hope i'm the one among the others.


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