Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't staying up if..


Just 1 more week before the study week..time just passed very fast..and i'll end my semester 7 in a couple of month and then welcome to part 8..for sure it will be harder..My final test for this semester will be on 16 of October which is on study week, and the quiz will also in study week.


Being here in shah alam for 7 semester had gives me many experiences, and of course staying up was a regular activities for us as a student. But something came up in my mind, sometimes staying up is useless. Why???


1. I dont't think it is a good idea to staying up if you can't get up in the morning to perform a subuh prayer. I know many of us, will accidentally skip the subuh prayer because of the over sleep. I'm not saying that i never accidentally skipped the subuh prayer, but i always make sure that i'll get up in the morning to perform the prayer.

2. Don't staying up if you can't stay up. Not everybody can stay up, sometimes, they only can stand until 12.00 am and then they go to sleep. so, don't waste your time and energy, if you can't stay up.

3. They're no use of staying up if the next morning you feel sleepy or sleep during a class session. That's very useless, because you will not gain any input in the class. And for sure there'll be some of use skip the class because over sleep.

So, think it again. Is it worth to staying up if you do this 3 things?? For my opinion, it is not worth at all. Just find the best way to staying up. During my matriculation, one of my friends have a different way to staying up. He will go to sleep after the isyak prayer and will get up at 12 am and study until the subuh prayer. That's the way he staying up, different people have a different way. Just choose what suitable for you and make sure it is worth for you to staying up.


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