Friday, October 8, 2010

Test 2


Sorry guys for the late update. I was busy during this whole week. Test, test and another test. Luckily the test is now over, but for this week la..There still left one more test which on 16 of October. The MGT project has complete, just one more project left which is Japanese movie. This Monday is the submission date. Insyallah the project will be finished before that day.

From the three test i took, i think only two i can answered it confidently. Power utilization test was very tricky question, oh! i don't know what the result gonna be. I just hope that i pass. Power System is quite easy, i only take 30 minutes to answered it . Don't think that i'm so clever la..our lecturer have given us the hint. luckily the hint came out, so there is no problem at all to answer the test.MGT also not very easy,but luckily what i read came out. So, i think that i'm very lucky..hahahha..


Today, after the MGT test, when i was waiting for the lift, i have seen the poster about the Intel job interview. It is a really great opportunity for those who want to make careers with this big company. So, i think i want to join it, but then when i read the whole poster, it says that they want a electrical, electronic and computer engineering with CGPA 3.0 and above.I was really disappointed, because i'm a power engineering student.

But then when i came home, i decided to email my lecturer that involved with the interview. I just ask her either a power engineering student can apply or not. There is no reply yet, but i'll wait. Just hope for the best. But yet i still feel nervous..hahahahha..


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