Sunday, October 17, 2010

Which one is more important?


Taraaaaa!!!!Layout baru and tajuk blog baru..Tak tahu apa maksud Quotidian, then google it. Lawa tak???Tak?Ok xpa..xkisah pun..hehehehe...

Hari ni kat fac ada program finishing school. Actually this program is for semester 8 students, but as semester 7 students me with my friends are allowed to join. It quiet a good program. We have been exposed about planning after graduation, how to apply the job, how to write a good resume and how to attend an interview. And the best part, this Tuesday, they will be like 7 company will do the walk in interview. So, this program has teach me a lot on how to ready to go for an interview.


Sebenarnya bukan la nak cerita sangat pasal program tuh. Sebenarnya nak meluahkan perasaan. Tak tau la nak cakap macam mana, dah macam-macam perasaan muncul, and it really interrupt me. Tak lama lagi dah nak final exam, 28 start. Then it will end on 12. Then holiday, but i have to come back to shah alam, for one program. And the program start on 22 of november and will end on 17 of December. Then holiday, and 3rd January, here we come semester 8.

As an engineering student, of course we all have final year project. And the fyp2 will be continue on semester 8, but how my progress???Nothing! Yes!Definitely!Totally zero!!!! That really get me stress, i don't even have a time. Now i have to study for my final, and at the same time i learn by myself how to use Matlab.

Matlab is one of the software that i use in my FYP. I ever used it before, but it was a basic. really basic. But my project? Totally different. I don't know how to use it. To ask supervisor, i don't know. My supervisor never showed any interest to help. But i'll try to ask. Definitely.!!It is a must! If not, i think i'll extend my semester. That's really not gonna happen to me. I hope so.

So, for those who read my entry today, if you are expert in Matlab, can you teach me??I really appreciate your help. I forgot to mentioned my Fyp title.

Power Quality Disturbances Based on Energy Different of Multireolution Analysis Method.

It is long rite???But it actually to detect, localize and classify the type of the power quality disturbance. So i really have to know how to use this Matlab especially on how to use the wavelet toolbox. I have read the instruction in the Help section, it helps me, but to be more understand, i have to get a teacher.

I really need a teacher...


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