Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Ok, it is not the officially update. I have many things to write actually, but i'm just too lazy to write it in this blog. I hope, the excitation of writing the blog will come back soon.

This evening i'll attend the 70-680 exam. And i really hope that i'll pass. Ok, i will explain that later. And insyaallah by his evening i'll update this blog officially..


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is it possible to get Alzheimer at this age?


First of all i want to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. So, how's your raya?For me, it's just ordinary, because many of our relatives didn't come back for this raya..But it's really good to be back home and kampung.

So, have you all ever heard about Alzheimer? I also not very familiar with this kind of disease actually, but lately something's going wrong with my memory. So, i keep thinking about this disease. It's actually a brain disease which will make you forget everything. It quite serious. Have you ever watch a movie call "A moment to remember"? It's a Korea's movie, which the story is about a man that have an Alzheimer's wife. It's really sad story, and you will shed tears if you watch the movie.

Lately, i keep forgetting many things. Seriously. There's one time, where my twin borrowed money from me, and after a few minutes she want to pay back me the money, but i asked her why she want to do so? She said that she had borrowed a money from me just now. I kind of shocked that time, cause i really don't remember that she just borrowed money from me a few minutes before.

And the things getting worse, when i even forget how to open tap's sink. Suppose i've to twist it anticlockwise, but what have i done is, i twist it clockwise. I really shocked about that, because i really don't know how it happen.

I just hope that, it is just a temporary condition. I hope so..Huhuhu...


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid Adha


Tomorrow!Yup, tomorrow we'll celebrating the Eid Adha. But i'm not so excited as i excited for the Aidil Fitri..But, still many thing have to be done before celebrating this coming eid. Last night, i was helping my mother doing the 'ketupat nasi'. We just managed to make about 30++ since the coconut leaf are not long enough to make more.


Today, as i expected, many works have to be done..I just finished all the work a while ago...and now i'm so exhausted. But, alhamdulillah, all are prepared now, and we're now ready to 'balik kampung'..My "kampung' are not far actually, it is 2 hours from my place which is in Kedah. More specific in Baling Kedah.

So, i've take some photos of today's activities. I've made rendang, kuah kacang and also ketupat daun palas. It's the first time for me making this ketupat daun palas, but i successfully make it!!

Firstly, i've to make the rendang..

We need some dry chilies

Also, onions, garlics, ginger and also a little bit of lengkuas
Lemon grass

Of course i'm making rendang ayam, so the main ingredients is the chicken.

Cocunut milk and also kerisik

Blend all together and put in the coconut milk, kerisik, asam keping, salt and sugar

After all ingredients has been put in.

Some daun kunyit, finely sliced.

Now, it is all ready.

After that, i've to make the kuah kacang and this all the ingredients

We need some small onions, garlics, ginger and also the lengkuas.

Some dry chilies

Of course the main ingredients is peanuts.

Belacan and lemon grass

Then we've to fried it all and blend it together with some asam jawa.

Now it's all ready.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha...

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hope is a dream that doesn't sleep

It doesn’t matter if I’m lonely. Whenever I think of you
A smile spreads across my face.
It doesn’t matter if I’m tired. Whenever you are happy
My heart is filled with love.
Today I might live in a harsh world again.
Even if I’m tired, when I close my eyes, I only see your image.
The dreams that are still ringing in my ears
Are leaving my side towards you.
Everyday my life is like a dream.
If we can look at each other and love each other
I’ll stand up again.
To me, the happiness of those precious memories
Will be warmer during hard times.
For me, hope is a dream that never sleeps.
Like a shadow by my side you always
Quietly come to me.
To see if I’m hurt, to see if I’m lonely everyday
With feelings of yearning, you come to me.
Even if the world makes me cry, I’m okay.
Because you are always by my side.
Like dust, will those memories change and leave?
I’ll keep smiling to ease my heart.
Everyday my life is like a dream.
If we can look at each other and love each other
I’ll stand up again.
To me, the happiness of those precious memories
Will be warmer during hard times.
For me, hope is a dream that never sleeps.
No matter how many times I stumble and fall
I’m still standing like this.
I only have one heart.
When I’m tired you become my strength.
My heart is towards you forever.
So I swallowed the hurt and grief.
I’ll only show you my smiling form.
It doesn’t even hurt now.
I’ll always hold on to the dreams I want to fulfill with you
I’ll try to call for you at the place I cannot reach
I love you with all my heart.

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Setelah penat menjawab final exam


As you all know, the final exam was finished about 3 days ago. But i'm still here in shah alam and insyaallah tomorrow i'll be going home...bestnya!!!!i just can't wait for tomorrow.hope everything going as planned. Insyaallah..

So, today i have to clean my room...Seriously, after the final exam, my room just like tongkang pecah..Ye la, dah habis exam, so memang kalau boleh langsung xnak tgk meja study. But, i have to clean all that before i can go home, cause i'll be here in 22 nov. So, i must make sure my room are clean enough for me to come back..hahahhaha...

So let see what i'm doing today!!!

Before start, lets watch SUJU!!!

My rack!!Semak!

Atas meja: My watch(Really loves this watch so much!!!), wavelet toolbox user guide (for my fyp), sikat and tisu paket..hahaha..semak2..

Again, my rack!dah habis exam, malas terus nak kemas..

Again, still my rack!!

Lepas exam, bantai semua letak kat meja..


My sweater...punya malas nak sangkut dalam almari...hahaha

Time kemas, jumpa benda ni..saya ni mudah jatuh sakit..maritengok apa ada kat dalam

1st: ni penyakit yang paling popular kena..hahahhaa..

Banyak kan????

Saya ni pelawat setia doktor gigi(my twin) so memang banyak la kapas ni dapat..hahaha

2nd: ubat tahan sakit

3rd: air garam

4th: ubat ni macam strepsils

5th: ponstan, ubat tahan sakit.my twin cakap xelok makan..so jangan makan tau!

Lagi ubat tahan sakit

Ni ubat orang lain, tapi mintak kat dia..vitamin C

Ubat popular kaum wanita..pun xelok makan selalu..tapi terpaksa

Lagi ubat tahan sakit, Ibuprofen(betul ka tak eja ni??)

Ini ubat sepcial!!!

Panadols(with 's')

Kertas2 yang disimpan dari sem 1 sampai sem 7.

Pergh!!!!tinggi gila!boleh buat record!

Hasil kitar semula

Selepas siap berkemas..

Sila abaikan stoking tersebut..

Dah kemas!

Akhirnya siap gak!!So esok dah bley balik, suma tinggal packing barang ja skrang...Hepi holiday!!!AND Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!!


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