Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adapt the changes

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah, diberikan peluang untuk hidup di muka bumi ciptaan Allah ini. So, we need to say Alhamdulillah. 1 syawal telah berlalu pergi, begitu juga Ramadhan yang telah meninggalkan kita. Namun ,marilah kita berdoa supaya kita dipanjangkan umur untuk bertemu dengan Ramadhan yang akan datang. InsyaAllah.

Many events have took place during Syawal. A lot of friends have decided to get engaged as well as getting married. It is a new phase in their life. Lets pray the relationship will last until Jannah, InsyaAllah.

During Syawal, most of my days are on the road. I have been travel from Perlis to Baling and then to Gerik and went to Aulong, also Bidor and Tapah.. And the came back to Perlis, and the next day went to Padang rengas from Alor Setar by a bus to Kulim and by a car to Padang rengas and the next day to Taiping for my bestfriend engagement day. Alhmdulillah, everything went as plan.

Now, I'm here in Shah Alam. Finishing my research. What makes it different now, I'm all alone right now. My twin already completed her study and insyaAllah will be graduated in November. Alhamdulillah

The felling is not the same. Being alone sometimes make me feel sad and sometimes make me feel very weak. Yes, it's so hard to be independent but I don't have any choice right now. Either I like it or not, I need to face it all alone.

What can i do now, just pray and hope everything will be fine. When I was in this situation, I realize when everybody is away from me, Allah is very near to me. yes. Each time I feel sad or something that make me feel weak, Allah is the best listener. How lucky us to have Allah. Right? 

My research progress doesn't seem to be good. The time running so fast and I don't know either I can defense my proposal on September or not. But I really hope there will be a chance. InsyaAllah.

I'm writing this at my cubicle. Yes. All alone. Quiet. :(