Friday, September 21, 2012

Langkawi Part 1.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I warn you. This will be a long post. I can't upload photos since the internet is so slow. I'll upload the photos in the next entry..InsyaAllah..

Alhamdulillah I just came back from Langkawi last Monday. Seriously, it was an awesome vacation!! I wish I can go there next time. InsyaAllah.

As I told before, I was so worried about my research, because the defense proposal will be on the end of this month. Supposedly! But Alhamdulillah, the defense proposal was postpone in November. I was so happy to know that. Because I'm not even ready for it. So, my decision to go for vacation, is so much worth it even though at first I want to cancel it. So, on Friday, 15 September I went back to Perlis from Shah Alam.

I forgot to mention, the vacation was sponsored by my mother's company. So I went there with all my family members and other families. So, the trip was free. We don't have to pay for the ticket, hotel, transportation and also for some of the activities there. The food was provided but only for breakfast and dinner for one night. But for me, it is more than enough.

So, we supposed to depart at 9.30 am. We departed from Kuala Perlis and arrived in Kuala Perlis around 9.15 am. As we arrived there, it was crowded with thousand of people!! Seriously! We have to waited outside since the terminal was full inside. But alhamdulillah we departed around 11 am if i'm not wrong and arrived there around 12 pm.

Waiting for the ferry at Kuala Perlis

Once we arrived there, we took a van that was provided and went to Nusantara Gamat. It was one of the activities that was include in the trip. It was not fun at all because we can't see the real gamat but just a gamat oil in the huge 'kawah'. It was frustrating. But what can we do, we have to follow the tentative. Since I'm not so interested with all this gamat stuff, I didn't buy anything there.

After half an hour at Nusantara Gamat ,we went to Padang Matsirat. We had lunch there. And for your information, Langkawi is famous with their expensive food. Seriously. Even though I study in Shah Alam, the food in Langkawi is more expensive compare to Shah Alam. For lunch I spent RM 6 for a nasi campur. And my other family members had nasi and ikan bakar. After had a lunch we went to the next destination, Beras Terbakar which is not so far from Padang Matsirat. It tooks like 5 minutes.

There,we performed the Zuhur prayer and of course for makcik - makcik, it's time for shopping. For those who didn't know, here in Beras Terbakar, they sell a lots of kain batik and it is beautiful. But I didn't grab even one since I'm not wearing it. But, my mother bought two pairs of it with one kaftan. And for those who decide to buy a hat I really recommend to buy it here. Why? Because it's much cheaper compare to other places. You can get a big hat for only RM 10 ringgit. It is worth to buy, because it is so beautiful and the quality was good . You can't get that price in other places. But I didn't buy it because I thought I will buy it at Pantai Chenang. However, at Pantai Chenang, you will not get that price.

It was so hot in Langkawi. I went there before with my friend and seriously it was so hot. Luckily I bring along my hand fan. Since my twin didn't have one, I bought one, and it cost around RM 5 for a small hand fan. So total damage now, RM 11. After done with shopping, around 3 pm, we went to Pantai Chenang to check in. Pantai Chenang has been develop so well compare to the last time I went there. There are McD, Starbucks, Old Town White Coffee, Chenang Mall,Bread story and a lot of stalls on the side of the road.

We check in at Delta Motel which located at Pantai Chenang and the chalet is facing the beach. I was so happy at first. I shared the room together with my parent and my twin. However, a problem occurred. The toilet in the chalet was clogged and flooded with water. And don't mention about the smell. I don't think I can sleep there even for one night. So, I told my mum, lets book another room, and if I have to pay, I'm willing to pay for it. My brothers, get a room at The Cabin which is not far from Delta Motel. Took 5 minutes walk to Pantai Chenang. However, our tour guide, Kak Desawati was so kind. She give us another room and I and my twin get a room at The Cabin just beside my brothers room. While my parent get another room at Delta Motel and it is a new block. I'm really satisfied with the room at The Cabin. I really recommend this room. It cost around RM150/night. Since we were sponsored, it is free..  :)

Since in the evening there are no activities, I together with my twin and younger brother decide to try the para sailing. It cost around RM60. But we got special price for only RM50. To do this activity, we have to go to Pantai Tengah. But don't worry, the price that you pay includes the transport to Pantai Tengah and also the return trip. Since we were too excited to try the para sailing, we forgot to bring a camera. So, there were no pictures. It was sad, but the experience, was awesome. Everyone should try this sport if you come to Langkawi. After that we decided to try the banana boat. Supposedly, it cost RM15/person. But since we only have 3 persons, they charge for one boat which is RM60. So each person have to pay RM20/person. But we ride for 4 person including my older brother. So, current total damage, RM81.

During night, we had our dinner at Delta Motel. It was provided. After dinner we decided to take a walk at Pantai Chenang. As I said earlier, Pantani Chenang is so much different from the last time I came. There are many stalls on the side of the road. You can buy souvenirs, clothes and many more. But Pantai Chenang is more expensive since it is a tourist attraction. But you still can find a cheap thing to buy. The night walk was so good. You will feel like you are not in Malaysia, since there were many tourists. I bought key chains for my friends.  It cost RM 10 for 10 key chains. And plus you get one free if you buy 10 or more. I also bought 2 cartons of cigarette and it cost RM97. But it is not for me okay. My cousin order it from me. Total damage RM 178. We went back to our room around 12 am.

To be continued...

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