Friday, December 31, 2010

The coolest Kim Jae Wook


Okay i know, it's been a while since my last entry. Seriously, i don't have the passion to write. But i really want to write something. Okay it's better for me to wish all of you a happy new year. So, how your celebration upon this coming new year.? I hope, you all will celebrate in a joyful and happiness.


What i want to write today is not about the celebrating this new year. I want to write something that i like or i admire. When i like something or admire to someone, i really want to express myself, or to tell somebody about that. That's my habit.

Do you know Kim Jae Wook?? If you ever watched the korean drama call "coffee prince" or maybe "bad guy", you all may know him. He's a model and now an actor. In coffee prince, i never noticed him as a guy that i admire, since he has long hair, and i really don't like a guy with long hair.

But after watching korean drama call "marry me mary", i really admire with the second hero that play the character of jung in and it's kim jae wook. so, i start to find more about him and i really suprise when i know he's the same men in the drama "coffee prince". He's so cool in the drama "marry me mary" same as "bad guy". So, i start to admire him.

He's skinny, have a long messy hair, except in "marry me mary" he has a short hair and really smart and also a smoker. But he has something that make me admire him so much even though all the character that he has i don't like. His smile.!

It's hard to see he smile in many of his drama. His character always, a serious person, but once he smile, he look very cute and charming. I like it very much. Sometimes he looks like a girl because of his long hair, but i think in different way, isn't he's cool with that messy long hair??Okay, i'm going crazy!! But still kyuhun still the cutest one but kim jae wook is the coolest one.


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Friday, December 24, 2010

Let me live in my own world until i get tired of it!


I'm in my holiday right now, and i don't really have a mood to write. But i'll not leave this blog without any entry, so i think i should write something. I really have a bad time right now. That's why i give that title. Don't ask me why, because i'm not ready to tell anybody. I bet if i write it in my blog, maybe someone will read. Should i make it private.? No! If i'm not wrong, why should i private my blog, the best way is just write and express all my feeling here, but not at this moment.

Currently i'm crazy of downloading the Korean drama. Watching all the dramas, just make me feel good. I'll forget all my problem, my fyp and many more. I just hate when someone ask me, how's your progress? Have you done anything yet? My answer will definitely "No!". It was really frustrating. So please don't ask! I know, my progress a little bit late. But let it be, i don't want to think it. I just want to do what i able to do.

Watching this drama call "Marry me. Mary" makes me want to be like mary...And for sure i admire with someone in this drama. The second hero!! His name Kim Jae Wook.

In this drama he's so cool just like in drama coffee prince. I hope mary will be with him, but maybe that will be 1 out of 100..Because drama will always ending the hero and heroin. I think they should adjust that. Why can't the 2nd hero be with the heroin?? I think i should be the script writer maybe???


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can i have one of this, or maybe two?


Yup!It's been a while since my last entry..I'm so lazy to write, don't know why..maybe because of my's going crazy..and it's getting stress right now. but still i'm doing nothing. Oh!What's gonna happen to me? can i finished my degree? It's really a tough question, just hope for the miracle!!!

Oh!! I just watching this korean drama call "Playful Kiss"..And what is interesting about this drama. It's not about the hero, since i'm not the fan of the hero. What i admire is this


Yes!!it's a mobile phone and it's awesome!!! But still, it's not here yet. It's only available in hong kong and for sure korea!!! I really want this so damn much!!Can someone buy this for me..hahhaa...i wish someone will buy it for me even i know, that thing will never happen to me.. seem like i've to wait and start keeping the money to buy this phone..oh!!i like orange and blue!!!

And it's really expensive. In korea, the price is like 50,000 won if i'm not mistaken and when it's converted to ringgit malaysia, it's 1000+++..yup!! i know, it's really expensive and some of you will rather buy blackberry..but!! because of the colour and because it's cute, i don't care!!!

so, if you wan to know more about this cool phone, just go to the youtube, You can see how cool is the phone!!!


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let me introduce


Just a while ago, i was sitting for the 70 685. And, yes i passes!! And now i'm MCITP certified. For those who don't understand about what i'm talking about, just click here.

So, today i want to introduce you all with my new housmate. Eh, bila masa plak aku pindah rumah. Tak da la, just nak introduce housmate rumah blog 124. Lets check it out!!

This is my first housmate, and you all can call her yana. Nak tau lebih pasal cik yana??Sila click disini :)

My 2nd housmate, Cik Aja.. I like her header!!!!coll rite? Nak tau lagi pasal cik aja, click sini.

Next, is cik dynaz.. Jom ramai2kan blog cik dyanaz dan mengeratkan silaturrahim..hehehe.. click pada kawasan ini.

Seterusnya, cik kedondong.. Suka2..dia suka photography, same as me..Nak tau lagi pasal cik kedondong? Click here.

And last but not least, cik jannah..Student optometri ukm..Teringat kat seseorang. She love korea and japan, same as me..weeee.Jom terjah blog cik jannah kita..

Selesai sudah sesi memperkenalkan housmate. Nice to meet you all. :)


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Want a free treatment?


I have an announcement to make. My twin now are in her process of doing her research. So, she really need a patient. So for those yang ada sakit gigi geraham bongsu bahagian bawah and intend to extract the tooth or do the treatment, you all are welcome to contact me or you can go straight away contact my twin.

This treatment will be done by a specialist from hong kong. The best part, it's free of charge. I know everybody like something that are free. So, what are you waiting for, come and grab this chance. This is one in a life time. And if you do this treatment outside, it will cost you 1k++..

For those who are interested, inform me ASAP. Gambar di bawah tiada kena mengena dengan announcement diatas. Just like his wink!


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Monday, December 13, 2010

What can you do with a camera?


Kegilaan pada kamera menjadi- jadi memandangkan semakin ramai yang membeli DSLR. Sungguh jeles disitu. Okeh, tadi masuk youtube(masuk secara haram) and tiba2 terjumpa satu iklan pasal insant camera. Even DSLR dah semakin popular, kamera instant pun tak nak kalah and masih menjadi pilihan.

So, apa yang best sangat pasal kamera instant ni?? Of course la best sebab it's instant, you can see the result of your photos straight away in a second. Tapi kalo amik gambar xcantik, kamera instant bukan la pilihan utama, and it's better to go for DSLR with a view finder.

Tapi lepas ja tengok iklan kamera ni, terus terpikat and rasa nak sangat beli kamera tuh. So, jom tengok screen shot iklan tersebut.

Lawa kan gambar dari kamera instant ditambah pulak dengan model song joong ki and kim byul pulak yang mempromote kamera tuh..So, selain kamera instant ni, ada jugak yang minat lomo. Ya2, dulu aku xberapa suka lomo, tapi sekrang dah jadi trend and gambar lomo memang best. Kamera lomo yang aku suka ada kat bawah ni.

Zorki 4

Black bird fly

Isn't the camera cool???hehehhe..memang cool, tapi kalo xda duit xguna gak. Kamera lomo ni satu ja kelemahan dia, kita kena belanja banyak duit for the film and untuk cuci. Tapi yang tau cuci filem sendiri, so, it's an advantage. Tapi kalo kamera instant, kita just habiskan duit kat filemnnya saja..
So bagi yang berminat dengan kamera lomo or instant korang bley pergi visit laman web ni ... So jom tengok iklan instant kamera!!!


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Difference from others maybe?


So, what suppose i write today. By the way, i'll be sitting for the 70 685 exam this Wednesday and friends, wish me luck ok :)..tak study, macam mana la nak lulus kan???aish!!!!

Okay, back to the topic. We can see, today DSLR is a common thing that everybody want to have it, such as a thing-must-have, and a lots of us now are affordable to get one, difference is, the price and the quality. And of course same goes to me, but i'm not buy yet (bila tah nak beli...)

So, if we talk about dslr, we must think of the popular brand such as canon and nikon. They are the top brand for this dslr. And i wish i have a canon, but at the same time i wish to have this one!!

Isn't this cool. It's call the olympus pen. So, what is special about this kind of expensive dslr?? Compare to nikon and canon, yes, you cannot challenge both of them, but this olympus pen is just different from others dslr. Beside it's more compact, it also have an antique style and that's why i like it so much!!

Actually there're many series of olmypus pen but the latest one is Olympus pen E-PL1 and it is really cool and for sure really expensive. But i really hope that i can buy one, someday. So for more information you all can go to olympus website or just type olympus pen at the google search.

After this, i bet you all will also have a dream to buy one..


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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I have a friend!!


Kawan!Friends!Tomodachi! Semuanya memberi maksud yang sama..Korang ada kawan??Mesti ada kan. ruginya orang yang xda kawan..Bagi aku, kawan ni macam anugerah. Tak semestinya bila kawan kita ramai, kita happy. Kawan yang sikit tuh lagi bermakna sebab diorang lebih tau perasaan kita, sebab kita lah yang paling dekat dengan diorang.

Aku ada kawan semenjak dari sekolah menengah and kitorang memang rapat and diorang memang kawan aku buat selama-lamanya. Tapi kenapa aku tulis "i have a friend"?? sedangkan aku ada ramai kawan. Sebab aku nak tulis pasal seorang kawan aku yang aku rasa, dia lain dari yang lain. Nama dia Azrul Syamrie. Ya! Dia lelaki!

So, boleh ka lelaki and perempuan jadi kawan?? Aku tau mesti ramai yang akan cakap, mula2 kawan, then lepas tuh bercinta. Aku tak kisah apa orang nak cakap. Sebab aku tau apa yang aku rasa. And dulu aku xpenah percaya yang laki boleh jadi kawan baik perempuan, tapi sekarang aku percaya. Aku tau ramai yang tetap tak akan bersetuju dengan apa yang aku tulis ni, tapi bagi aku, dia kawan aku yang aku bley percaya, even dia lelaki.

Aku kenai dia, xsampai setahun rasanya, tapi aku rasa macam aku kenai sangat2 ngan dia. Mungkin tuh cuma perasaan aku, tapi tah la.Itu yang aku rasa. Aku tak pernah anggap dia lebih dari seorang kawan. Biar la apa orang nak kata, aku tak kisah, for me, he's my friend and thanks for being my friend too.

Aku tau kawan aku ni akan baca entry ni..hahahaa.. To Azrul Syamrie, thanks for being my friend!!


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Blog larian

Don't want to say much about this thing. I f you want to know more, just visit this page ok.. :)

Saya suka berblogwalking kerana(gila ayat skema nak mampos) best bley tengok blog orang, what they wrote, i can know many things about the authors, and it getting fun being doing that.

So now i have to tag 3 people, and who it gonna be:

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

See me as you all see others

" Don't look me as a smart nor brilliant student, because i'm not that kind of student. I'm just an ordinary student, who go and sometimes skip the classes. Why i'm telling this? Because i don't want one day one of you start questioning me, why can't i achieve something that a smart and brilliant person should achieve, and that time you will realize that i'm not either a smart nor brilliant person."

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Sungkyunkwan Scandal


Today i really want to write about something that i rare to write in my blog. As you all can see, i really admire with kyuhyun from super junior. Just see the pictures at the left side bar, all kyuhyun's pictures.

But somehow, in this 3 day past i keep watching this korean drama call "sungkyunkwam scandal". I never watch a drama especially korean drama in a consecutive days, but somehow this drama is really interesting. And i keep watching it without forward it .I just can believe that.

And of course i really admire someone in this drama. Not the hero, but instead the hero's friend. He's so cute!! I like to see his cute face and he take a role of Gu Yong Ha in this drama. But his real name is song joong ki. His famous words in this drama is

"because i'm Yeorim Gu Yong Ha"

And seriously, he's super duper cute!!!Just see his pictures!!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

사랑이 내 맘 가득히 채워


Wondering what the title's meaning?? It means

"My heart is filled with love"

Wonder why?Thank to god for giving me one more opportunity.
Suppose, we'll get the result tomorrow, but somehow the result can be check today. Andalhamdulillah, i managed to get dean list. Alhamdulillah. Thank to god.

Now, i really satisfied, even though i don't achieve my goal yet, but i'm closer enough. Just one more semester to struggle and i'll do as best as i can. To my mom and dad, thanks for all your support and pray. Without your support i don't think your daughter can be what she is right now. Thank you!!

But the most important, thank to god. Hanya engkau tahu apa yang terbaik buatku.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010


" I don't need anyone to make me feel happy,
I just need myself "

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Semester break


Finally, i'm writing back! Seriously i don't have an enough time to update this blog.. Currently i'm in Shah Alam finishing this 3p program. For others, it's a semester break, but not for me. It is so sad being here while others enjoying their holiday at home.

Why i'm here?? Because i've joined one of the program that have been offered by on of the company which is call the 3P program. It's stand for "Program Pentauliahan Profesional". I took the windows 7 program and just now, i was sitting for the exam, and i passed!Thank god! I passed with score of 775/1000 and one of my classmates get it full mark!There'll be one more exam which will be held on 15 of Disember and i hope i'll pass so that i can get the certificate.


Last weekend i've attended a weeding ceremony of my cousin and it was held in Bidor. It was great, and the ceremony went very well. We, together with my family also went to Tapah, and my twin have snap some of the pictures, but for more pictures, you all can go to her here. I can't upload here because the internet is too slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Just enjoy the picture at my twin's blog.


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Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Ok, it is not the officially update. I have many things to write actually, but i'm just too lazy to write it in this blog. I hope, the excitation of writing the blog will come back soon.

This evening i'll attend the 70-680 exam. And i really hope that i'll pass. Ok, i will explain that later. And insyaallah by his evening i'll update this blog officially..


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is it possible to get Alzheimer at this age?


First of all i want to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. So, how's your raya?For me, it's just ordinary, because many of our relatives didn't come back for this raya..But it's really good to be back home and kampung.

So, have you all ever heard about Alzheimer? I also not very familiar with this kind of disease actually, but lately something's going wrong with my memory. So, i keep thinking about this disease. It's actually a brain disease which will make you forget everything. It quite serious. Have you ever watch a movie call "A moment to remember"? It's a Korea's movie, which the story is about a man that have an Alzheimer's wife. It's really sad story, and you will shed tears if you watch the movie.

Lately, i keep forgetting many things. Seriously. There's one time, where my twin borrowed money from me, and after a few minutes she want to pay back me the money, but i asked her why she want to do so? She said that she had borrowed a money from me just now. I kind of shocked that time, cause i really don't remember that she just borrowed money from me a few minutes before.

And the things getting worse, when i even forget how to open tap's sink. Suppose i've to twist it anticlockwise, but what have i done is, i twist it clockwise. I really shocked about that, because i really don't know how it happen.

I just hope that, it is just a temporary condition. I hope so..Huhuhu...


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid Adha


Tomorrow!Yup, tomorrow we'll celebrating the Eid Adha. But i'm not so excited as i excited for the Aidil Fitri..But, still many thing have to be done before celebrating this coming eid. Last night, i was helping my mother doing the 'ketupat nasi'. We just managed to make about 30++ since the coconut leaf are not long enough to make more.


Today, as i expected, many works have to be done..I just finished all the work a while ago...and now i'm so exhausted. But, alhamdulillah, all are prepared now, and we're now ready to 'balik kampung'..My "kampung' are not far actually, it is 2 hours from my place which is in Kedah. More specific in Baling Kedah.

So, i've take some photos of today's activities. I've made rendang, kuah kacang and also ketupat daun palas. It's the first time for me making this ketupat daun palas, but i successfully make it!!

Firstly, i've to make the rendang..

We need some dry chilies

Also, onions, garlics, ginger and also a little bit of lengkuas
Lemon grass

Of course i'm making rendang ayam, so the main ingredients is the chicken.

Cocunut milk and also kerisik

Blend all together and put in the coconut milk, kerisik, asam keping, salt and sugar

After all ingredients has been put in.

Some daun kunyit, finely sliced.

Now, it is all ready.

After that, i've to make the kuah kacang and this all the ingredients

We need some small onions, garlics, ginger and also the lengkuas.

Some dry chilies

Of course the main ingredients is peanuts.

Belacan and lemon grass

Then we've to fried it all and blend it together with some asam jawa.

Now it's all ready.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha...

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