Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm gonna visit this place one day.Insyaallah


Yesterday, i just went to Jitra with my friend to watch Nur Kasih The Movie. The movie was quiet good. But what most attracted me was the places in the movie itself. The movie was filmed in Jordan. I never thought that Jordan has this amazing places to visit. God has created a very fascinating places in Jordan. Yes, one day i absolutely will visit Jordan. Insyaallah. No more Sydney...hehehhe

Thanks to Mr Google for the pictures!

The last and 2nd last picture are amazing, so thus in the movie. Just go and watch nur kasih the movie. You will definitely fall in love with Jordan!!


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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doa mempermudahkan urusan

"Ya Allah, tidak ada kemudahan kecuali sesuatu yang Engkau permudahkan, Engkau menjadikan kedukaan itu mudah sekiranya Engkau kehendaki"

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Home, the best place ever!


Since I don't really have something to do because now I'm unemployed, so i just stay at home. So, today my brother cooked beef curry the old style way. My brother, really loves to cook. Just name it. Pizza, tomyam, kuew teow goreng, chra kuew teow and etc. All he can do it.

So today he cooked a beef curry but not just the normal way instead the old fashion one. He cooked it in 'periuk tanah' using 'dapur tanah', since i don't have work to do, i helped him doing the beef curry...

Since it is the old style way, so thus the pictures..hehehe..then he bought us a solero ice cream. Thanks bro... =)

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p/s: my youngest brother went to penang today, because he have to attend an interview tomorrow. Hope he can do it well and can continue doing his master at UTP. Gud luck bro.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The mind talks


I just made a Tumblr. Not 'just', it have been like many days but i just post it today. Feel free to click link below =)


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Friday, May 20, 2011

The will of my own!


So, how's your holiday.? I hope everybody enjoy their holiday!! Entry before I'd wrote that i already quit. So maybe some of you curios, did i already got a job. ?Actually it was a cashier at one of the supermarket at my place. Not really a big supermarket, but just an ordinary one.

I know, it just a shame because i just can't stand there even for a week.!! It was really tough. Even doing practical at TNB is not though as this one. I had to worked for 12 hour everyday and they only paid me for only RM400. They will be over time each day for like 3 hours and each hour I'll be paid for RM 2 and they are no shift at all.

Actually, it was my bad because i already know about that but about the overtime i just knew it after i sign the agreement. It was a mistakes. I thought i would be able to stand there for 12 hour every day, but after a day and half, i made up my decision to quit. I don't care what the manager will say, what i know, i just tired working for 12 hours!!

This is my first experience working with a pay. Yes, it was tough, and now i really appreciate being home. Even though every day i have to do cleaning, laundry and cooking, it is more meaningful rather than working for 12 hour. Allah has show me that working to get money didn't make me happy instead i always feel stress and tired, but by helping my mom, i feel like, if i don't help her, who will. After all, maybe after this i don't have this opportunity to help my mother. So, this is the time for me to pay for all what had she done for me. Thank you mak!!


Continue study. It is other things that make me feel very stress thinking of it. Should i go for master.? Or should i just pursue Phd? It is a tough decision to make. I'd asked a lot of my friends and most of them said to go for Phd. Because it's more fast rather than taking master than Phd. My mind just mixed up with all these. But one of my friends said " just go for master. Phd is not your level yet." When i think it back what he'd said was absolutely true. Even doing degree was tough, i bet Phd is more tough rite??

So, i just made up my decision. I will go for master even though i don't get the offer yet. I already attended the interview, but still there's no answer.I know, it's a risky decision for me. But i have to believe in myself. Either master or Phd.? Phd takes about 3 years to complete, but I'd asked one of my friend, he said he has a friend who did Phd without taking master, and it takes 5 years to finish. So it just the same as you taking master then take Phd. But it all depend on the person itself. If he/she committed doing their research 3 years is not a big deal. But for me i think i just want to go step by step.

I don't care what people will say to me. Maybe some of them will say that i just miss this chance, but i have my own reason of doing that. Even though i will not get the title Dr fast, but i will not be regret one day insyaAllah. I just hope this decision is the best decision and hope Allah will bless my choice and decision.. Amin...


My disease?? It still the same. I already went to a doctor, and as usual he said I'm allergic. It is ridiculous.!! How come i get allergic everyday?? It just like i eat the same thing every day. But still the doctor insisted that i have allergic. The weird thing is that, even though i didn't get any meal on that day, they will be the same. So now what would you said? Am I still allergic to food?? Even though i didn't eat at all. hurm..Tomorrow my father will bring me to see another doctor and i hope this time, the doctor will not say, "It is allergic!". I just fade up listen to that word, because it doesn't make any sense at all..


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Master or Phd?


What should i choose.? What is the best for me.? Ya Allah show me the way.

p/s: i just quit!!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011



Currently that is my status right now..the degree life has already ended and now I'm home. What to do?? Just sit back and relax for this 2 months and start find a job after that?? That was my plan. But I don't really care about job. Insyaallah God will give me the best one and the one that I'll not regret for my entire life.

I just came back from shah alam just like a week maybe. I'm not sure. The first thing i did is clean up my room. Yes, my room was miserable, because each time i come back to Shah Alam, my big brother will use the room. So now you can imagine how miserable it was.

Others?? Just clean up the whole house. But it's not done yet. It takes like 3-4 days for me to clean up the room and the 2 big living room. I bet i can just loose weight by being at home.No need to jog or diet. Hahaha..

Every time i came back home, i never get an enough rest. Everyday i have to clean up the whole house because my mother don't have enough time to do that since she's working. So, either I want or not, i still have to do it.. It was tired, but I'm really satisfied when everything seems nice in place.fuhhhhh...

I know, supposed i have to find a job. But it is not easy, and i have many plan to do either i want to continue master, phd or work. It is not an easy decision to make. I have to plan it wisely because i really want to make a decision that i will not regret one day.

A lot of my friends already get a job. And some of them got a good company such an Intel. I kind of jealous at first, but when i think it back, Intel need someone who are more to electronic but I'm majoring power, so i don't think i can perform very well in that company. One of my friend offer me to try software engineer there, but i refuse to try. I have another reason on that beside I'm not an electronic student.

Actually i was discouraged by Intel. I used to get an offer from Intel before this, but i forgot the job that they offered, but it was an engineer position. They promised to call me for the call interview, but after a whole day i waited, they never called. I don't call they back, because for me i don't think i need to do that since I'm not so desperate with that job at that company. If the company don't want you, i don't think i should call them and asked why they didn't call me.

I believe, Allah has plan something better for me. Insyaallah. Like my mom said, "we have to believe with Allah. Insyaallah we will get something better than this." But then my youngest brother said that, " It is true, but to believe in what Allah has planned is not easy". Yes it's true. But still, we as a Muslim, we have to believe in Allah. Allah sentiasa menjanjikan yang terbaik buat kita semua.

Now I'm looking forward to further my study in master degree in oversea. Insyaallah. Just pray for me. ^___^


p/s:missing my housmates damn much. what they're doing right now?

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 biji RM 70


Stress gila2 tahap gaban hari ni..argh!!!!rasa nak marah la..tadi petang kitorang budak umah gi makan durian. 7 biji RM 70. Macam h****..serius marah..macam kena tipu pun ada..huhuhuhu..sib baik cukup duit. malas nak tulis panjang. sorry entry dalam bahasa hari ni..sebab marah yang terlampau..hahhaha..jom cekidaut gambar2 yang sempat disnap oleh budak2 umah aku..

Cukup dah kot..nanti boring lak..hahahha


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