Monday, May 23, 2011

Home, the best place ever!


Since I don't really have something to do because now I'm unemployed, so i just stay at home. So, today my brother cooked beef curry the old style way. My brother, really loves to cook. Just name it. Pizza, tomyam, kuew teow goreng, chra kuew teow and etc. All he can do it.

So today he cooked a beef curry but not just the normal way instead the old fashion one. He cooked it in 'periuk tanah' using 'dapur tanah', since i don't have work to do, i helped him doing the beef curry...

Since it is the old style way, so thus the pictures..hehehe..then he bought us a solero ice cream. Thanks bro... =)

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p/s: my youngest brother went to penang today, because he have to attend an interview tomorrow. Hope he can do it well and can continue doing his master at UTP. Gud luck bro.

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  1. Ada rasa beza x masakannya?

  2. ada..lagi sedap.heheheh...xrasa macam masak atas dapur gas..