Friday, January 27, 2012

Falling in love with Quilling

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

When I start learned quilling I just learned the basic technique, and I never knew there was another technique which is very cool and not really hard to learn. As I said before,practice makes perfect.Just believe with this quote and I bet you will not give up! So, yesterday, when I was browsing the internet I found one of the quilling tutorial on husking technique . And it was super easy to follow.!!

Since I was sick for a couple of days, I had been away from quilling work. And I really hope that I will recover soon because I really want to make another quilling because I have fall in love with it. Now I have recover from fever, so I decided to start quilling back..And when I was browsing it, was in the middle of night. But since I can't wait for the next morning, I made the quilling using the new technique in the middle of night. I really into it. I feel very relax when I'm quilling. And this is the flower that I made using this husking technique!

And I also received the official letter for my master. Alhamdulillah. I will start on the end of February.. I really hope I can still do quilling while I 'm in the middle of study..I don't want to miss doing it, because it makes me feel very calm and relax while doing it. Owh, I don't know how should describe it.. You should try it by yourself!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My first quilled monogram!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Finally, I succeeded! I just can't believe it turns out quite good for the first timer like me. Well, practice makes perfect!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wishlist for 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Okay, I never made any wishlist before, but now I thinking, why not doing one. Actually I have a lot of wishes, but there are some that I really want to do!

1. I want to buy a camera.Actually I have one, but the quality is not so good. I really want the Nikon 1 J1..Hopefully one day I will buy it.Just need to save some of my money.

2. I don't know either I should tell this thing or not.  I want to sponsor my brother's wedding. InsyaAllah..Just pray for me.

3. I want to buy the quilling tool. I know, I have told you before that I made my own tool. But I really need a proper tool!!  Hopefully one day.. InsyaAllah.

4. I want unlimited card stock together with colouful colour paper. I know, it look unreasonable, but InsyaAllah, who knows right.

5. I want to go for backpacking! Seriously!I want to go to Vietnam! And also Turki and Cairo. InsyaAllah, but I need a travel mate.huhuhu

6. And of course I want to perform well in my master as I did during may bachelor degree.InsyaAllah.

7. There is another one. I want to buy a car with my own money! InsyaAllah..  :)

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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Am I getting older? or it just my feeling since my nieces were married and will have a baby soon. I think it just my feeling. I'm still young..hahahhaha

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quilling obsession and Korean language

Assalamualaikum w.b.t


Hurm, the title does not present any connection at all..hahahha. As you all know I have been learning Korean language and it has been like almost a year. However, I still in the beginner stage since I didn't study hard.hahahah...It's not like I don't want to study, but I don't have time to do that.. And luckily after 2 months reading a lot of journals, the proposal is now ready. Alhamdulillah.. 

My research proposal  ^^

Since the proposal was done, so now I don't have any excuses. I start studying Korean again, but when  you have left something for a long period of time, of course you will forgot some of the terms. So, I have to review back the first lesson.. and seriously I don't like review lesson because it takes time, so I decided to answer the tutorial. And the tutorial was good since I can review it in less time. So, now I just need to complete the tutorial and start back the second lesson.

Beside that, currently I have been interested in quilling. For those who doesn't know what is quilling, just google it. I really like it so much. At first it quite stressed making this quilling art but practice makes perfect. When you have the skill, it is so easy to make it, but you need a lot of ideas. Actually to make this quilling, you don't need any tool but it is a lot more easier to use the tool rather than roll it using your hand. But the tool is quite expensive but I found a blog where they sell it with a lower price. 

However the result was not so good using the cheap tool, so I decided to make my own tool. And I really regret because I bought the tool since the tool that I made was quite good and the result was awesome. But people make mistakes and that was my first time doing it, and I never thought to make my own tool. But now I know it. I just use the bamboo stick(lidi satay) to make the tool. You just need to shape it using knife and make a small round like a needle. But don't make it too small because it will fracture. 

Tool from bamboo stick

Actually there are 2 types of tool to make this quilling art. The first one is needle tool as in the picture above. The another one is slotted tool. This slotted tool is for beginner since needle tool need more practice before you can get a final result. But I took a couple of weeks to master with it..hahahah..just need a lot of practices. For slotted tool you can just modified the needle tool by cutting between the stick. But don't cut it too deep because the bamboo stick is quite soft so, you will broke the stick..Just a small cut will be perfect.. And this slotted tool is really easy to use. You can master it for a couple of minute. 

But for those who don't want to make the own tool, you can just simply buy it online since it is really hard to find in store. And the price quite expensive. And to make this quilling art the most important thing you need is paper. A lot of papers. But to cut it to 4 mm seems so hard. yes. It was hard. I have tried it before. huhuhu.but then I read some of the quilling blog and most of them cut it using paper shredder and some of them bought the paper which quite expensive. 

So, I decided to buy the paper shredder. Did you know paper shredder is expensive? Yes electronic paper shredder absolutely expensive. It can goes to thousand ringgit, but you have another option buy buying the manual paper shredder. And you know what, this manual paper shredder was hard to find it in Malaysia. Seriously. Even in online market, you hardly find one. But one day, when I was googling, I found this online shop where they sell the paper shredder. They become the middle person where they help the buyers to buy something with the lower price either in Malaysia or oversea. 

Since there were no stock in Malaysia, they ordered it from China. And, don't be surprised. The price was quite reasonable. I bought it only for RM36 including the postage directly from china. You don't have to make any Paypal account just pay it through online banking or just bank it to their bank and they will do the rest. Quite easy right? But you have to wait for two weeks to received the items. But it is worth of waiting.

Paper shredder. It comes in 2 colour, pink and blue.

Once everything is ready, you can start quilling!! Let see some of the item that I made.

This is the first quilling that I made. ^^

Once you have fall in love with it, you really want to make it a lots.!

 Snowflake 1.

 And then I try to make paper frame and also the swirl.^^

 Snowflake 2.

 This I made for my twin. But I don't like the colour.

 You need skills to do this. And I don't have it, so I made it halfway and threw it away..hahahha

 It takes 2 days to complete this art, but I really don't like it because it is so big!

Then I try a little harder to make this one.

 After a few weeks I started to made a card and I really love it!^^

 My favorite card.

 The big flower on the left card with yellowish green and red in colour, was so hard to made. I have tried to made another one, but I give up. I need more practices!

My another favorite card!^^ 

My friend asked me to make a card for her. She told me how she preferred the card. So, I made this one. My previous card was too plain so, I think I want to do something to make this card more outstanding. So, I decided to make a pop up card! And I made it.!!^^ I love this card so much but I have to give it to my friend..huhuhu

These all were the art that I made. Some of the design I copied it from internet and some of them from the book, and and I change it a little bit depend on my creativity. A lot of my friends asked me either I sold or make a business. But It is not a business, I just having fun making this art.But I don't want to say that I won't make a business, but maybe later on. It just like stress medicine, and you have to pay attention when you doing it.

Those were 2 things that I really love to do at current being, but I thought I will still doing it in future. I just have to istiqmah. I realized that, when we have hobby, we will not waste our time, instead we can manage it well. I have experienced that. So, friends start searching for something you like. Don't care what people might say. Just do what you like, just like me.  ^^

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Ujian Allah itu datang dalam pelbagai bentuk.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

It was a hectic day today..Checked stock for my mum, baked two cakes and....that's all I think...hahahahha..So, as you all know, I have told you before how I really want to get a job. And today, it seems like dream comes true, but not really true.

I don't know how, but around 12 in the noon I got a called from someone and the number was in kl/selangor area. So I picked up the phone and the lady on the phone start to introduce herself. She said she from TNBR..hurm, sound familiar?no? TNB maybe seems familiar but TNBR such a new thing for me.

So, I asked her, TNBR? And then she explained the meaning of TNBR. It stands for TNB research. And yes I used to hear that from my younger brother. And then we continued chatting and she told me that I have been shortlisted for an interview for the post of researcher. It was sudden and I don't know how should I give the answer when she asked me either I want to attend the interview or not. For your information, I never applied for the position, I just sent a detail about myself and it was a long time ago.

And yes, I really want to work work with TNB. why? because it is really related to me since I'm majoring in power engineering, but the offer came too late. I have made my decision to continue study. If the offer came before that I think I will attend the interview.

It just a tough decision for me, but I believe this is His test to me.. And I always hope that the decision that I  made is the best and if it is not, I hope I can face it! Insya Allah.

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