Friday, January 6, 2012

Ujian Allah itu datang dalam pelbagai bentuk.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

It was a hectic day today..Checked stock for my mum, baked two cakes and....that's all I think...hahahahha..So, as you all know, I have told you before how I really want to get a job. And today, it seems like dream comes true, but not really true.

I don't know how, but around 12 in the noon I got a called from someone and the number was in kl/selangor area. So I picked up the phone and the lady on the phone start to introduce herself. She said she from TNBR..hurm, sound familiar?no? TNB maybe seems familiar but TNBR such a new thing for me.

So, I asked her, TNBR? And then she explained the meaning of TNBR. It stands for TNB research. And yes I used to hear that from my younger brother. And then we continued chatting and she told me that I have been shortlisted for an interview for the post of researcher. It was sudden and I don't know how should I give the answer when she asked me either I want to attend the interview or not. For your information, I never applied for the position, I just sent a detail about myself and it was a long time ago.

And yes, I really want to work work with TNB. why? because it is really related to me since I'm majoring in power engineering, but the offer came too late. I have made my decision to continue study. If the offer came before that I think I will attend the interview.

It just a tough decision for me, but I believe this is His test to me.. And I always hope that the decision that I  made is the best and if it is not, I hope I can face it! Insya Allah.

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  1. hope i can do better like u...

  2. yes you can!just believe with yourself dear! :)