Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Miri Trip : Part 2


I'm so lazy to update my blog actually. But since I have nothing to do (actually I have, but I like to procrastinate it) so, here I'm writing my blog again.

So after went to Borneo Tropical Rainforest, we came back home and there's nothing to do. Since night at Miri come earlier than in peninsular, we just went for a dinner. The dinner that we had that time was seafood. And there're nothing more. Just going back home and sleep.

So, the next day, we went to Brunei by car. It was a long trip. It takes around 3 hours to get to Bandar Seri Begawan. And the trip was boring. seriously. There's nothing to see in Brunei I think. We just went to Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque.

The special thing about this mosque is that the dome was made by pure gold.I repeat, pure gold. But the interior design was old. Besides, the entire city of Bandar Seri Begawan was outdated. The buildings there just like in 90's. Seriously. And that's all.

We did not take a long time there since there's nothing to see. Then we just went back to Miri.

When we arrived at Miri-Brunei border, it was late and then we just drove back home and had dinner. The next day, my twin just brought me to buy souvenir and of course kek lapis Sarawak.

Then she just dropped me at airport. I arrived at Miri Airport just the right time my boarding time. I just ran to the departure hall since I thought I gonna miss my flight. Luckily the flight was delayed for almost one hour. I departed from Miri airport around 5 pm I think and touch down at LCCT at night.

Overall it was a nice experience. But seriously, Miri has nothing to offer since it's known as an oil city. But for those who like adventurous activity, you can go hiking at Niah.  The scenery there is stunning. My twin went there once. But make sure you are prepared mentally and of course physically.

That's all about Miri that I can tell you. Just go visit it once. Sometimes, we don't need to go to the place that tourist always go, but sometimes the place that rarely visited, offer you a great experience.

Until next trip, byeeee....

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Miri Trip: Part 1


As been promised before, here I'm writing my travelogue. Hahaha..xda la travelogue sangat, since travel dalam Malaysia ja.

So, since my trip to Krabi has been cancelled for the last minute , I decided to go visit my twin. By the way she's working there as a dental officer. Actually she's the one planning the trip and I just follow. It was my first time went to Miri .

I bought the ticket during Air Asia promo. But for me it still expensive. But since I have been saving for Krabi, so there're extra money. Kind of lucky.

The ticket it self around RM 200 with sky bus I have to add up around RM20 (xingat) and I choose hot seats since the journey took around 2 hour and 15 minutes. I didn't buy the meals since I don't like eating during travel.

The night before departure, I got fever. I drank 1.5 liter of 100 plus and took panadol and cool fever. everything was useless. But still, I decided to go to Miri. I'm a little bit worried since travelling when you're sick such a mess.

So, on 28 March I departed from KL to Miri at 11.40 am and touch down at Miri Airport around 1.55 pm. Yes I was sick at that time. Luckily my twin is a doctor. After check up, it was confirmed I got infection at my thyroid( not sure). but it was painful, and hard to eat.

Since there's nothing much in Miri, my twin just took me to her workplace and introduced me to her colleague. During night I having my dinner at steamboat restaurant. The price quite reasonable. around RM 23 per person. The best thing, you can eat what you want! And for lamb lovers, you can it them unlimited. I went there with my twin and her colleague.

And yes all her colleagues are doctor!

The next day we went to Borneo Tropical Rain forest. The entrance fee around RM 70 since it was weekend. During weekdays the entrance fee is RM 60. This fees does not include breakfast. Just lunch and afternoon snack. If you came early and want to have breakfast, the fee is RM 80.

For those who like adventure thing, it is a right choice to come here. for further details, you can check their website.


The package include activities from A1 to A6. And you can choose optional activity for free. additional activity will be charge RM 10 per activity. I choose kayak at first but due to rain, I change it to big swing. Seriously big swing best gila!! must try!

By the way, the special thing about this place is, there's a water park in rain forest!Yes, they build it in rainforest!

Part 2 will be continued...

Till then have a nice day!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Been away for awhile


It has been ages since the last update. I intend to shut down the blog since I don't find it interesting to me. But here I'm now writing again.

A lot of things happen, happy, sad and all sort of felling. I didn't go to Krabi due to my my re-defense of my proposal. This time I nailed it!! I got 1, which means I passed and can proceed with my research.

Currently I'm in my final semester and in writing process.

Yeah, I still don't believe I'm at this state right know. Alhamdulillah, I manage to overcome all the obstacles. Owh, by the way, my supervisor just moved to Jeddah. It was hard, the time I heard the news. But, there's always a way. I hope everything will go as plan.

I have been travel a lot lately. I find that, travel always makes me happy. Since I didn't go to Krabi, I decided to travel in Malaysia.

There're many beautiful places in Malaysia actually. You don't need to go to oversea. But if you have extra money, it's your choice. But Malaysia itself is a beautiful country for you to treasure.

Yes.  I went to Miri, Johor and Sabah.

I just coming back from kuching a few days ago.

I'll update my travel in my other post.

Till then, have a nice day!

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