Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Live as you like.


Well, i know the blog has not been updated for such a long time..don't know what should i write..give me some ideas please.okay, i have the ideas right now!!

What have i done in this past few days when i didn't update my blog??? let see...i bought a guitar..finally i have my own guitar even I'm still a beginner and just know how to play the happy birthday song...hahaha..that's my first song that i learn and can play .Now I'm practicing the song Ode To Joy from Beethoven symphony 9 if I'm not mistaken.

At first my budget is only about RM200 but then i found that with RM200 i just only can get the guitar without any bag, tutorial CD, finger tips,tuner and also stripes. So i have to add on RM55 more to buy the guitar with completely packages as i mentioned earlier. So, the total is about RM255. I know, it is expensive, but when i think it again, it's okay if sometimes i pampered myself with something that i really want even though it is quite expensive. So, i bought the guitar and it not even a week yet!!

So, that's my guitar. Isn't it cool to have a guitar. I think so,but i don't know how about you all..


Lets talk about another story.Well, today i went to seksyen 7. Guess where i went? I went to karaoke.. Just want to release the stress. I feel really excited and all my housemate also went there. Owh, before that we stop at mamak to have some dinner. At the same time we watched football match between Malaysia and Pakistan. Congratulation to Malaysia. We won 2-0 against Pakistan. Good job to all players!!

Then we straight away go to the karaoke. We take 27 songs!!!And the cost is only RM1 per song. Since we went there 9 person, each of us paid RM3 per person, so we get 27 songs. It is really cheap. Then after about 11pm we straight away went home. It's really tired but we had such a wonderful time especially hang out with the housemate.

Seems like today i talk much about money. Well that's the only idea i have right now. Okay want to go to sleep.


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

matluthfi90 : he's funny. I mean really funny!!!


As you all realize, YouTube become really popular right now. Some of them become popular through YouTube such as Anna Raffali(did i spell it right???) and Justin Bieber.

Well, I'm not the one that really fanatic to the YouTube, but some of the videos in YouTube (mostly posted in Facebook) makes me wanna know the owner of the video. Ever heard about inianwarhadi??? Well, he's known also from YouTube. Even i know him through YouTube,but I'm not really fan of him, but i really recommend all of you to see his video. His English really fluent and he's from Kedah, if I'm not mistaken.

Before him, there's someone that i really like so much!!!His videos are really funny, and i can watch it like a hundred of time without feeling bored. I still remember, i know him through one video that were posted in Facebook and the video's about mother's day. I bet most of you ever watched it right.???

Well, i downloaded the video because i never watched a man wishes mother's day such like he did and plus the funny part. Today, i found his YouTube's channel, and yes, i try to download all the videos. For those who are still don't know what I talking about, why don't you try see the videos itself?? This is his YouTube's channel :

I like this video very much!!!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dream High | My Princess | Paradise Farm


Love korean drama? If you do, then maybe you want to find new drama to watch since Secret Garden and Marry me Marry has already end. Well, i want to suggest some sort of dramas that i think you all should watch.

1. Dream High

So, for those who are fan of 2pm, then you should watch this movie. Two of the 2pm member are the cast of this drama. And i love Wooyoung so much, and he played as Jason in this drama.

2. My Princess

Kim Tae Hee really cute in this drama!!!

3. Paradise farm

Is it changmin from TVXQ??? Yes, he is. This drama just start but seems like the storyline is so interesting even though i just watched it 2 episode.

So, don't forget to watch it ok!!!

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We are the most perfect creatures created by the god, but they show us how to be a human


That's true. We're the most perfect creatures, but somehow not all of us acts like a human. Rite???They teach us how to be a human.


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When brothers try to cook


It's more proper to write it full rite? Well, I'm on my holiday right now and it's only a week, urmm not really a week cause i just came back yesterday and will be going back to Shah Alam this coming Friday.

How's my fyp?? Well, alhamdulillah, so far so good. Thank to god for making my life easy. It's really hard at first but i manage to do it. Keep up a good work to me!!!

Today, i mean last night because rite now is already 2 Feb, my 2 brothers goes into the kitchen. Just can't believe it but that what happen. Both of them were cooked and it's totally miserable..The elder cooks beef curry and the younger was making popcorn. Me?? I'm the assistant to do the dish wash and give some advice to both of them. Such like a professional chef.. hahaha..

Guess, who did come out with a good meal?? Well definitely, the elder with the beef curry. So how about the younger??His popcorn turn out miserable.Totally miserable. He's not a good cooker, but at lest he try. So, pity to my younger, i cooked him fry fish, just a simple one, and together with the beef curry made up by my elder brother.

Even it become miserable, but i had a good night having experience cooking with my brothers. Maybe it's one in a life time. Who knows rite??

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