Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dream High | My Princess | Paradise Farm


Love korean drama? If you do, then maybe you want to find new drama to watch since Secret Garden and Marry me Marry has already end. Well, i want to suggest some sort of dramas that i think you all should watch.

1. Dream High

So, for those who are fan of 2pm, then you should watch this movie. Two of the 2pm member are the cast of this drama. And i love Wooyoung so much, and he played as Jason in this drama.

2. My Princess

Kim Tae Hee really cute in this drama!!!

3. Paradise farm

Is it changmin from TVXQ??? Yes, he is. This drama just start but seems like the storyline is so interesting even though i just watched it 2 episode.

So, don't forget to watch it ok!!!

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