Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another quilling project.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Yesterday I made another card and gave it to my twin's friend whose also my friend eventually. Luckily she like the card that I gave. And before that I posted the photo of the card in the Facebook and guess what. My former English teacher during my high school commented on the photo. She asked me either she can order it from me. As you all know, I'm just an amateur in this field. There were many people outside there who are really good in this field. 

So I told my teacher, that I'm not really good in it but what she replied, she just want something different and don't care either I'm an amateur or not. Oh! So, she order 10 of it and I think this is the start of my business. But I'm not confirm with her yet what kind of design that she want. I hope she just choose the design that I made on the photo that I posted in the Facebook.  :)

It is not hard to make this card since I'm just using a simple technique, but it needs time..I hope I can do it..  :)

Until we meet next time. Wish me luck. Assalamualaikum  :)
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Friday, March 30, 2012

I miss doing quilling

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah I have time to update this blog even though I'm quite busy right now. I thought being a research student will be more easy and have a free time but it turns out on the other way. I was super busy. I have to read journals, make a summary of every single journal I have read and the most important thing is to understand the journals since I have to explain it back to my supervisor every time I see her. But this week my appointment was cancelled. It supposed to be today, but since my supervisor have an important thing to do so, we postponed it to next Wednesday.

Since I'm quite busy with my master, I don't have time to do quilling. I feel very sad, because I love doing it and how much I miss doing it. I also have bought a proper quilling tool from online store and InsyaAllah it will a arrive soon. But the problem now is, I don't have time to do it. I have to find a suitable time but it kind of hard, since I don't really good in manage my time.

But before I came here in Shah Alam I have made a lots of quilling and some of them I have gave away to my friends. But last week, I decided to make a card. And now I'm interested on doing the card. I have made two and both of the card I gave it to my friends  :)

This was the first card I made after I'm going to Shah Alam. Before this I thought it is impossible for me to make this card but it is not as difficult as I think instead it is quite easy. And as usual, youtube is the best teacher that you can get. I gave this card to my roommate  :) 

These was the quilling that I have made when I was still in Perlis. It quite a lots but most of them were given away. But mostly I gave it to my friends. And they love it! Gonna do it some other time and gave it to more friends! :)

And last weekend,my friend was also a housemate of mine during degree came to Shah Alam. I was so happy since I don't have any activity on weekend. At first she came just to get some stuff from but then we decided to go out. Even though we just went to PKNS,SACC and PAS but I was happy to go out with her. We bought cupcakes and ate it at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. :)  The cupcakes was so delicious, and I think I will grab some of  it another time  :)  

Until we meet next time. Assalamualaikum  :)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

How are you.? I hope all of you were fine. Same to me, so far I'm still good. So far it has been a month for me being a master student. So, maybe some of you curios how's master student's life. So, today I would like to tell you how was my life for the past month.

For those who didn't know, I'm taking a master in Electrical Engineering continuing my degree in power system. I also have been sponsored by UiTM. Allhamdulillah. I'm taking fully research which means I don't have to attend any classes. It sound easy right, but it is not as easy as it see.

Yes, I really don't have to attend any classes since I just have to read journals. And reading journals don't need you to attend any classes. All depends on you, how and where do you want to read it. For me, sometimes I go to library and sometimes I just stayed at home. But being a research student, the most important thing is to be independent. Yes, you have to be independent with yourself.

You have to know how to manage your time. For me it quite hard since I don't really good in manage my time especially getting up in the morning. Since I don't have class, so it is up to me when I want to get up and when I'm gonna go to sleep. This was quite challenging. Sometimes I went to library in order to manage my time well, but it is all about your self. How you want to manage your time.

And when being a research student, the other important thing, you have to read, read, read and read. Yes! The only thing you have to do is read. It is my biggest weakness since I don't like reading. That's why I'm taking engineering because I want to run away from reading. But now, I have to faces it.  :( Why you have to read? Because when you read others journals then you know what other had done and what their weaknesses. And from that you can fill the gap and make a research to fill the gap. That is the point of doing research. Filling the gap or doing something new that can contribute something to the society.

How many you have to read? Depend! The more you read, the more you understand and you will be more confident with your research when you want to defend your research. But reading journals are not like reading novel. Sometimes a journal with 4 pages takes a day to finish and understand what the author did. The worst situation is when you have to read repetitively in order to understand the content of the journals.

And the other part that important is meeting with supervisor. The more you meet your supervisor the more easy your job will be. You need to have a good supervisor. Supervisor will guide you. If you have a good supervisor InsyaAllah your research will be guided, if not, it is all depend on you. Allhamdulillah, so far I have a very good supervisor. She guided me well. Alhamdulillah.

So, that was my life for this past month. I hope Allah will always grant ease in everything I do. InsyaAllah. And Alhamdulillah, there were good news from my friends. A lot of my friends were getting a job. Alhamdulillah.. I hope they can perform well in their job. InsyaAllah. 

Until we meet next time..Assalamualaikum  :)

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm a master student!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah, on 25/2/2011 I'm officially a master student. Sorry for been a while with this blog. Kind of busy with journals and other stuffs. Hopefully I'm gonna do well this time.  InsyaAllah, will be updated soon.  :)

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