Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When brothers try to cook


It's more proper to write it full rite? Well, I'm on my holiday right now and it's only a week, urmm not really a week cause i just came back yesterday and will be going back to Shah Alam this coming Friday.

How's my fyp?? Well, alhamdulillah, so far so good. Thank to god for making my life easy. It's really hard at first but i manage to do it. Keep up a good work to me!!!

Today, i mean last night because rite now is already 2 Feb, my 2 brothers goes into the kitchen. Just can't believe it but that what happen. Both of them were cooked and it's totally miserable..The elder cooks beef curry and the younger was making popcorn. Me?? I'm the assistant to do the dish wash and give some advice to both of them. Such like a professional chef.. hahaha..

Guess, who did come out with a good meal?? Well definitely, the elder with the beef curry. So how about the younger??His popcorn turn out miserable.Totally miserable. He's not a good cooker, but at lest he try. So, pity to my younger, i cooked him fry fish, just a simple one, and together with the beef curry made up by my elder brother.

Even it become miserable, but i had a good night having experience cooking with my brothers. Maybe it's one in a life time. Who knows rite??

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