Friday, December 24, 2010

Let me live in my own world until i get tired of it!


I'm in my holiday right now, and i don't really have a mood to write. But i'll not leave this blog without any entry, so i think i should write something. I really have a bad time right now. That's why i give that title. Don't ask me why, because i'm not ready to tell anybody. I bet if i write it in my blog, maybe someone will read. Should i make it private.? No! If i'm not wrong, why should i private my blog, the best way is just write and express all my feeling here, but not at this moment.

Currently i'm crazy of downloading the Korean drama. Watching all the dramas, just make me feel good. I'll forget all my problem, my fyp and many more. I just hate when someone ask me, how's your progress? Have you done anything yet? My answer will definitely "No!". It was really frustrating. So please don't ask! I know, my progress a little bit late. But let it be, i don't want to think it. I just want to do what i able to do.

Watching this drama call "Marry me. Mary" makes me want to be like mary...And for sure i admire with someone in this drama. The second hero!! His name Kim Jae Wook.

In this drama he's so cool just like in drama coffee prince. I hope mary will be with him, but maybe that will be 1 out of 100..Because drama will always ending the hero and heroin. I think they should adjust that. Why can't the 2nd hero be with the heroin?? I think i should be the script writer maybe???


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