Friday, June 25, 2010



It has been 7 weeks i'm doing practical in TNB. For sure, many things happens there. Happy, sad, mad and other impression i have experienced. But today, my entry is about someone..i know, i never write an entry about someone, but today i decided to do so.

His(okay, now you know he's a man) name...urm..i forgot!! but all staff call him Mael. Okay! What is so special about this person that we called mael???He's not special to me, but he's weird..really weird..never seen a man such like him.

I'm not sure how old is he, but Zaki said he's 26..I began to know him when i started following SAVR's group, which is Pak Njang's group..he never ever talked to me or to my others friends, but he do talk with his group, but we can count how many times he's talk.

I remembered, one day we stop at one stall and i bought some 'goreng pisang'. so i offered it to pak njang, zaki, and not forgotten to mael..but what he did??seriously, he not say any words at all when i offered to him..and we just sat at the same table, but not a word came out from his mouth..he's really weird.

So, one day, i don't know what happen..maybe it's a miracle..i came out with his group along with Donut.. surprisingly, he talked to us..okay!in my mind that time, what's is happening right now? did i have heard wrong..mael is talking to us!yup!seriously..

But it's only that day he talked to us. What a weird person..(^__^)

Sorry Mael. I just think that you are a weird person that i ever met.


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