Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I don't want to give a title to this entry because i want it to be so.

They wrote, so i took a pen and i wrote too.
They wrote in a fine paper with wonderful words
I just wrote in a roughly paper
But the pen didn't give me a wonderful words such they are.
They keep writing, but i'm stuck in the middle
i keep trying to wrote,
without knowing the pen has ruin the paper
i look to them, and wondering
why i can't became like them?
i saw, they draw a smiley at the end of their writing
i tried to do so, but now i'm realize
the paper has tear up
and now i know, by draw the smiley
the paper will not look as they are
how hard i try, the paper will be the same
i fold it and keep it to myself
so, nobody will never know
how ruin the paper is.

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