Thursday, March 3, 2011

Everything happens come with a good reason!


I'm feeling really stress right now. Many bad things, not really bad actually but something that I'm not comfortable with happen to me lately.

FYP??? That makes me even more stress. One of my friend in her process of doing her technical paper and me, will attend an appointment with my sv this evening. I hope everything will going well. Hopefully.

I become more stress when my external hard disk, the new one(i have two actually) make a problem..i just bought it 3 months and now it giving me a problem. so i send it back. luckily i have a 3 years warranty. I hope my HD will be OK. Hopefully.

Mine,the white one!

And last 2 days, I'm not sure, Intel called me. Yes!It's Intel. Actually they had called me several times but i didn't pick up since I'm not alert with my phone. Back to the call. They call for an interview actually. Everything going well at first until then he asked we, where do i work. So i replied, I'm still studying and will be graduate on may. Then after a few minutes conversation he said he will call me back later.

It's a bit frustrating cause I now he didn't really read my resume since i have stated there I'll graduate on May. But it's okay, because I'm not really into it. I know a lot of people want to work at company such Intel, me too but not really looking towards it. My mum said, don't look to the pay, but choose what you like and what makes you happy.

She's right, maybe God will give me a better chance next time. Who knows right.?? I believe god has a really better plan, that's why i didn't get the interview. Okay.Bye.

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