Saturday, May 8, 2010

Am I ready for tomorrow?


Tomorrow! Yup it's all happen tomorrow..tomorrow is my 1st time experience going practical. I know a lots of my friend excited about this thing but not for me..I don't know why..maybe because i only got TNB for my practical while some of my friends got an influential company to do their practical..for sure I'm a bit jealous about that. When I'm think it again may all have good comes from it.

Many things i have to do tonight. I have to get ready for tomorrow..hurm.what should I wear tomorrow?? What we wear will give either a good or bad impression to our employer. Since this is my 1st time practical i should give a very good impression for my employer. As others said, 1st impression is really important.

My mum....Oh!Happy Mother's Day to my mum!I love you so much!...ok My mum told me to wear a baju kurung..yup!it is a safety steps for 1st day of my practical..but, when i think it again, maybe baju kurung is not suitable for me during my practical day..i'm engineer to be, and my specialist is power, so baju kurung really not suit me well..

So, i decided to wear a slack and 'kemeja''s really look formal maybe but without any heels ok!!!so i went to kangar to buy some clothes for my practical.Now it is all ready for me..wondering what shoes will i use tomorrow..??hahaha..i don't want to look very formal since i'm only practical not really an engineer( insyaallah one day)..i choose my converse shoes..yup!it sound not going well with 'kemeja' and slack, but this is the only shoes i have..hahaha..i don't know how will i look alike tomorrow..just wait and see..

Hurm..before i forgot, i have to remind myself...yup!i'm a really careless before i do something i've to write in a piece of paper, some kind of a check list..atiqah, please don't forget to bring along your file..all stuffs is in the file..the log book, the letter of my admission and some others letter to be submit to my supervisor tomorrow..

So now, i think i'm ready but not 100% ready..i don't know what will happen tomorrow...i just which the best for me..Good Luck to you Atiqah..And please just be your self..


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