Saturday, April 17, 2010

10 days before it start and it only takes 9 days for it to end

Salam.'s a really tough day for me and maybe for some others friends. Today is our last test for this semester six. I can't believe semester six will be over in no more than 3 weeks.

Back to my test. Maybe some of you will think, it's only a test not final. For me test is important as final. If i can't score in test so i have to struggle really hard for my final. Test give only 40% and final 60%, so i take the easiest way by scoring the test.

This morning test is really though. Why? Because the subject. For those who ever take advance electronic, you all maybe know how difficult that paper. I don't know how to be expert into this subject. Fortunately I'm not an electronic student.

Even though I'm not an electronic student i really want a good gred for this subject. I really want it so bad. I don't want this subject spoil my result. It's really hard to maintain the result that i've got during this 5 semester. I don't want to make this semester is my night mare..oh no!I will not allow such things happen to me.

Now there are 10 days left for me to study before my final start. It seems like i've a plenty of time as i'm only taking 4 papers. But it's not! At beginning, yes, i've a plenty of time but when it comes to 27 April, there will no more times for me. why????

Because of my exam timetable!!!It's really annoying each time i see the time table. My paper will be held on 27(morning), 28(evening), 29 (morning) and 5 (evening). And the advanced electronic paper will be held on 29/4/2010..see???at that time i don't have any more more!!!!

Now, i must continue study.I know it will be so tiring these 10 days..but i don't have any choices. If i want to maintain my result, i must not waste these 10 days..God please give me the strength to through all this.amin..

So gud luck to all my friend and for sure to me too!All the best.!


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  1. haiih..xleh tidoq..melancong kat blog ang sat!=)