Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unexpected Ramadhan

Salam this morning, i safely arrived in Kangar. Home sweet home..It's really good to be home, even i know many works waiting when i come home. But it doesn't bother me at all. after had a very rush 'sahur' (wonder why? i arrived at bus station around 5 am, and my brother took me around 5.30am, and subuh will be around 5.54 and we arrived home about 10 minutes before subuh). so we eat as fast as we can..alhamdulillah..dapat jugak makan nasi mak masak.

As i expected, many things to do. Do the laundry, all the cleaning stuff and not forgotten 'anyam ketupat'..but this year, i didn't do the 'anyam ketupat' b'coz my brother and my twin did it. so i just doing all the laundry and cleaning. it was very tired. and me, with my brother baked a pizza for buka puasa. luckily all the pizza was finished!!!


Wi'm very happy to get home, some sad news just came. i've noticed this year of Ramadhan many sad things happen to me. fight with my friend and twin, was a very sad things happened in my life. i never thought it could happened in this blessing Ramadhan. We never have a fight like this before. Luckily everything went as before. No more fighting but sometimes i do feel sad with everything that came out from her mouth. But for me, just be patient.

When I came home, two more sad things happen. My auntie that i called mak chaq(xtau nak eja macam mana) was hospitalized. it really sad to hear that. hari raya just 1 day more, and now she was hospitalized. how can we celebrating the raya when she's sick. i hope she will get better soon. insyaallah

Another sad things, my 'pak su' was diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4. i was very shocked when i heard about that news. i've meet him during Lina's convocation and he not showed any signs of his illness. I don't know what should i say. I'm speechless when got that news. i just hope the best for him.

"Ya Allah, terlalu banyak dugaan yang kau berikan pada aku dan orang yang aku sayangi di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini. Semoga kami semua sentiasa bersabar dengan segala dugaanMu. Jadikanlah kami diantara orang-orang yang bersabar. Sesungguhnya setiap dugaan yang kau turunkan, pasti mempunyai hikmah disebaliknya."


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