Sunday, September 5, 2010

I still prefer the old fashion one


Wah! it's now 27 of ramadhan. can you believe that. time passed so quickly without i'm realizing it. it's only left a few more days before we celebrating the Eid.

Talk about Eid, what came across your mind? for sure, rendang, ketupat, lemang and the variety type of 'kuih raya' and of course the 'baju raya'. But for me, when talk about the Eid, only one across my mind. The 'kad raya'. what the meaning of Eid without the 'kad raya'.rite?

During my school time, 'kad raya' had become very famous to all of us. at that time, there's no hand phone, friendster, twitter and of course facebook. so, i used 'kad raya' as a medium to send the greetings to all my friends. besides, 'kad raya' is the only way to do the job.

i still remember, i received a lot of 'kad raya' during that time and it's really enjoyed to read what my friends wrote in it. when i read, then i smiled, because sometimes they wrote something funny and memorable. they also decorate the 'kad raya' in their own way, and it really impressed me.

but when it came to the time i went to matriculation and university, the technologies has become very popular. all things are done by the technologies.everything! and now, the 'kad raya' not become the 1st choice to use as a medium to greets others.they prefer to use technologies rather than the old fashion one.

but for me what is Eid without a 'kad raya' that we received from our schoolmates. it has a sentimental value on it. even if we use technologies, it still doesn't give the same feeling as we get the 'kad raya'. i know it is quite old fashion, but i don't care.

have you ever heard about master card tagline? there're something money can't buy, for everything else, there's master card. i want to change this tagline into the Eid way.

"There's something technology can't do, for everything else there's technology" quite funny, but that's the reality.


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