Friday, August 20, 2010



Masuk hari ni dah 10 hari kita berpuasa.Macam tak percaya ja yang dah 10 hari bulan ramadhan berlalu.Cepat sungguh rasanya..and rasa sedih sangat bila pikir puasa dah nak abis dah.

So, buat masa ni aku memang tak ada masa nak update blog.serius busy..test berderet2. this morning baru ja lepas satu test, which is MGT. And tomorrow there will be another test. and two more test waiting for me next week. not forgotten the fyp proposal that must be submitted by next week.

i just hope for the best for all my test. and i hope this ramadhan give me more strength to study since this is my final year. and hope i can meet Eid without worrying of the test and the proposal. But for sure i'll miss Ramadhan damn much!

see you in next entry.

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