Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Semester 6


As everyone know, I'm now in part 6.It's just like a second, and now there are 2 more semester left before I graduate with degree in my hand.insyaallah

But seriously this semester is really tough for me(every semester i thought so)...i started this semester with many problems.

First.I've problem with my registration..before this i never had any problems connected to my registration but this sem the registration makes my life up side down.With limited number of classes, i've to choose a right group so that my time table will not clash with other subjects.Seriously, my time table is worst.I've to join repeaters class b'coz all the class that provided by faculty have full.Another thing, my class start at 6 pm and end at 10 pm..The worst part, before 6 pm i've another class at 4 and in the morning..*sigh*

Second.I've a problem with my industrial training..My acceptance to the industrial training is kind of late b'coz of the company problem..One of the companies that i've applied for ,have rejected me..It kind of frustrating b'coz i really want it so bad..The reason that they give to me, they don't accept electrical engineering student.At first place i applied, they said they accept electrical engineering student, but after a month of waiting, i got nothing.

It kind of miserable.I've to waited for other company to accept me..Luckily they accept me to do the LI at their company.

Third.My test...arghh!!!This semester i've taken 6 subject but only 4 paper for final exam.Even it's only 4 paper, the test is really close with one another.I don't have any weekend cause a lot of my test during the weekend.It kind of tired..Now there are 4 more test to go before my final exam.

Forth.My final exam schedule..3 paper straight in 3 days without any gaps at all.It's really stressful.With One of the subject is the killer subject for this semester.I've asked our head of program about this matter.Sadly, she cant do anything b'coz the schedule is definitive. But i've made a complain through MPP and they will fight about this matter.

Fifth.Again..Resgistration.One more time i've to struggle for classes and elective subject.I'm kind of late, but alhamdulillah it's now setteled.

And now i want to study =).Ihope for the best for this semester.Insyaallah..


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