Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I haven't going back home for almost 4 months. It was so frustrating. The time is ticking so fast and now we are in July and Ramadhan will come just in a few weeks. How was my progress? Still in testing the method and yes, I'm exhausted with the matlab code. Sometimes I feel, why I'm doing this. Am I gonna succeed.?

It's hard to be in a positive mood. I have to speed up my progress, but how? Will miracle come? But do I have to wait for miracle and doing nothing. uhhhhhh.. It's so hard, I don't even have a chance to breathe. I'm planning to defense my research proposal on September, but I'm afraid I can't be ready for it. My proposal still in progress, but I haven't write any words in methodology section since the method still didn't meet the requirement. And yes, my supervisor didn't check anything yet since I'm not finish writing the proposal. 

Yes, I'm afraid for the worst thing. I'm afraid I can't defense my proposal on September, which mean I have to postpone.I'm really afraid of that. I keep thinking about my research and I never think positive because I'm afraid I'm just dreaming with it. What should I do now. ?


  1. u should try your best as you had get ANC for bachelor in uitm..trust to Allah..we work smart..insyaalllah..dua + work..