Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Kind of busy lately. Still busy but I'm trying my best to write something. Last weekend was my brother's engagement. Alhamdulillah everything went as planned. And my brother's fiance is from Pahang. We took nearly 15 hours to get there. Insyallah the wedding will be in November.  :)

I'm not intend to write about my brother's wedding to be. But I would like to write about marriage in general. In many views. I'm getting 24 this year and a lot of my friends are getting engaged and some of them were married. Lucky for them. 

So, when we talk about marriage what will come across our mind? For me the first thing I will think is, is he the right person for me.? Is he really meant to me. ?Am I gonna find someone better than him.? Will he treat me better afterwards.? Am I gonna live happily after marriage?

Yes! It kind of fussy. Because sometimes we didn't know is he really the right person for us or it just the feeling. I really respect for those who really can make decision to get married. Because for me, it is not as simple like choosing your favorite chocolates. 

You are choosing a husband. Choosing your imam. Choosing your leader in this entire life. So, I think it is not wrong if you take so much time to make consideration before you stick with your final decision. My cousin used to say to me : "Kita ni perempuan. Kalau kita kawen, kita nak untuk selama-lamanya. Bukan kawen then berapa tahun bercerai. Perempuan and lelaki berbeza. Kalau perempuan bercerai, kita takkan dipanggil anak dara. Status kita terus berubah. So kita kena pikir betul-betul".

Everyone in this entire world want their marriage to be forever until they die, but Allah knows what is better for us. So, choose wisely, and do solat hajat and istikharah. Hopefully he's the one for you.

" Di dalam konteks Islam, sekiranya kita diuji dengan ujian hidup, kita mempunyai pilihan sama ada nafsu atau iman. Jika kita membiarkan nafsu menguasai diri dan perasaan tidak sabar, maka kalahlah iman. Jika kita memilih iman, maka akan kalahlah nafsu. Sebetulnya, diri kitalah yang harus memilih pilihan yang tersedia ada supaya kita mendapat manfaat yang tinggi"

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  1. hidup sy mcm org laen bgun pg n bila mlm pegi tdo, in between i do da best.. huhu..:) sy betul2 terkesan ng kt2 tu.. sy xde blog, tp sy suka bc blog akak.. can i be ur follower..? hari tu xboleh bkak kena log in, cmne nk log in xd blog.. ok assalamualaikum..:)-n.i

  2. You don't need to be my follower. Ari tu ada problem skit, so, I terpaksa private kan sekejap. If you want to read my blog, just read it. I tak kisah pun you tak jadi follower.. hehehehe :)