Sunday, December 18, 2011

What matters?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi. How long has it been. I think it was a long time since my last post. Nothing much happen in my life, so there's no story to be write on. Maybe. *sigh

I don't know either it just me, or somebody else outside there have the same feeling like I do right now. Have you ever think about what is special about you? For me, I think about it like almost everyday! I know it kinds of pathetic, but hey! That's me. 

Why I made a blog? Seriously, because somebody else did, so I think I should have one. But then I realize, I'm not a good writer and I don't have any interesting story to tell about. So, this blog just then being uninteresting blog ever. 

Then I bought a guitar. But I'm kind of person who really easy to give up, and at last the guitar just left in my room without playing it. And now my brother took it. But that's good since he knows how to play. Yet another uninteresting story to tell.

Then I made a twitter account but I never like post anything. So, what the purpose of it. Yes, because somebody else have one, so I should have too. You are very pathetic Atiqah. I know.

So why did I tell about all this? I don't know. Maybe because I want to write, but I don't have any interesting story, and yeah, who's gonna read my post by the way.

I get jealous with my friends. Why? Because they have job. But me? Pursuing master. And it is not a best choice you know, even all your friends said, it is better pursuing master rather than working. Yeah, I know that. But when you completed your master, you think having master but don't have any working experience will be an advantage? Absolutely no! Besides I'm taking engineering and I never been one. Another pathetic!

The most pathetic, you struggle for almost 4 years and graduate with a good result, but not even a single company accept you. This is really pathetic! That shows result doesn't mean anything. Believe me! In the end you end up doing master. And one day you meet up your friends and they ask what you do. And you said, I'm doing master. And they said, "Owh really?" What does that mean.? Does it mean," you not even an engineer with that good result you got during your study?"

I know maybe it just me who over thinking about it. But yo're not in my shoes . And you don't know how does it feel to be uninteresting person and just know how to get good result. *sigh . The exact word is, you just don't have skills and you are not creative. Pathetic!

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  1. Don't kept calling yourself a pathetic. Lamer2 kang jadik doa. There's always reason why Allah planned this for you. Pray hard eh? :)

    By the way, I read you blog. Hehe, at least you have a loyal follower :D

  2. It kind of strange since you're my twin's junior right?? by the way thanks for the advise. life is hard and sometimes we keep questioning why this happen to me and not to someone else. *sigh

    by the way good luck to you too, dentist to be..InsyaAllah.