Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The miserable part is now over, but just for a while.


At last i can really write something as my new entry. For this past few weeks I'm really busy completing my project as the submission date of my technical paper is today. Luckily i managed to complete it right on time. Alhamdulillah. thanks to God that give me the determination to complete all the task.

Yes, i was really busy especially these past 2 days. On Monday i had 2 interviews. One is the BEL interview which is subject that i taken for this semester and another one is TPM interview. Both interviews supposed schedule at 9.am but, luckily my lecturer had gave me permission to do my interview earlier. So, i attend the interview at 8.05 am. Yes , it was too early, but i don't have any choice because my TPM interview cannot be postponed.

Talking about TPM, maybe some of you already know what it stand for. It is stand for Tenaga Pengajar Muda or Young Lecturer Scheme. I'm applying for master actually in Power system field. During the interview, there were only 2 uitm's student and the rest are come for other universities. I was nervous because i didn't expect that they will be students from others universities. I'm the 8th candidate and before me, they are all boys. So that makes me become more nervous.

Luckily, the interviewer were uitm's lecturers, so i really relief. They were Dr Wan Norainin and Dr Ngah Ramzi. They are good but Dr Ngah asked a lots of question and some of the question i didn't know how to answered it. At first i feel like really downed, but Dr Ngah was so friendly so, he didn't say anything instead he making jokes. While Dr Wan Norainin just like a mother. She always backup me, each time i don't have good answer. The interview was like 15-20 minutes.

Then after the interview, i have a presentation. Luckily, all went very well. While at night i have to struggle finishing my assignment and also the technical paper. It was miserable. I slept at 2.30 am and wake up at 7 a.m and straight away continued doing my assignment and technical paper.

Thank to God, now all were settled. Both technical paper and assignment are already submitted!!Yeah now I'm free but just for a while. Next week will be a big week since the presentation of my final year project will be held on 19/4/2011. But still i don't prepare anything yet for the presentation . I need a day off..hahahha.. Oh forgot to say, my hand phone lost. yes, I'm too careless and don't know how the hand phone can lost. But i already bought a new phone..

So now i have to focus on my presentation and thesis and not forgotten my final exam. It just left not more than a month to finish it. I just can't believe it, it's already 4 years i'm in this field. Hope i will finish it successfully!!

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